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Montessori-inspired Sun Printable Pack

We can say without a doubt that the NEW Montessori-inspired Sun Printable Pack is the best resource out there!

My kiddos are obsessed with studying astronomy right now. They can not get enough!  Jason and I have been creating so many printables and activities to keep up with their constant need for more.

When it comes to studying the sun, Jason and I struggled to find resources for our classroom. As a result we decided to create our own.

Montessori-inspired Sun Printable Pack

The Montessori-inspired Sun Printable Pack (30 pages) is designed to be used in Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms, but can be used for non Montessori settings, especially the home.

If you have a child who's obsessed with astronomy as ours are, this is a must have!

Just take a look at all that's included!

Sun Do-a-Dot Printable

Montessori-inspired Sun Printable Pack: Sun Do-a-Dot Printable

Whether you're using yellow pom poms, beads, do-a-dot markers, erasers, stamps, or stickers, this printable is a fabulous way to practice fine motor skills.  

This activity requires so much concentration and hand-eye coordination for little ones.

Layers of the Sun Activity

Montessori-inspired Sun Printable Pack: Layers of the Sun Activity

Most children learn the layers of the Earth, but how many learn the layers of the sun?  These printables are the perfect resources to help your child learn all there is to know.

You can use the diagram on it's own with clay or play dough and have loads of fun creating a three dimensional model of the sun.

If your child loves to read or write, he can use the fill-in-the-blank diagram to label the sun.

For those ready for more advanced work and are great readers add in the description cards.

The Solar Eclipse Activity for Kids

Montessori-inspired Sun Printable Pack: The Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse is a very fascinating event that happens around the world more than we think.  These printables are the perfect resources to help your child learn the facts.

You can use the chart alone and have children create a model using materials at home or in the classroom.

For those who are practicing sequencing skills or want to understand a step-by-step process of how a solar eclipse occurs the sequencing sheets are great!  

Children can draw their own sequence, or print out two copies of the control, cut one set out, and they can place them in the correct squares.

Solar Eclipse Art Cards

Montessori-inspired Sun Printable Pack: Solar Eclipse Art Cards

My kiddos are big into art and music right now. 

Whenever I stumble across art work that goes along with one of our themes of study, I can't resist adding them to our shelves.  

Put a magnifying glass with these images and the kiddos go crazy!

I love these art pieces in particular because they all vary so much and show how solar eclipses are a big part of our history.

Sun Vocabulary Nomenclature and Description Cards

Montessori-inspired Sun Printable Pack: Sun Vocabulary Cards

There is so much to learn about the sun! It is absolutely fascinating, especially when you take a closer look.  

These vocabulary cards come in nomenclature form for little ones, and picture and description form for older children.   

The descriptions are great for parents and teachers too.

What is a sunspot?

Is the sun always perfectly round?

How are the northern lights related to the sun?

All of these questions are answered on these cards.

Sun Benefits and Sun Dangers Sort

Montessori-inspired Sun Printable Pack: Sun Benefits and Sun Dangers

A unit about the sun wouldn't be complete without talking about how it benefits us and how dangerous it can be.  

Benefits and dangers can be introduced separately through various lessons and then can be combined. 

This is the perfect sorting activity for little ones that will encourage so much conversation.

Sun Safety Cards

Montessori-inspired Sun Printable Pack: Sun Safety Cards

It's one thing to talk about the dangers of the sun, but yet another to understand what you can do to protect yourself.  

These adorable cards come in nomenclature form along with picture and description style.  

They can be used how you'd like.  

Picture cards can be paired up with fun practical life activities or can be used with the danger cards.  

It's completely up to you!

A Trip Around the Sun: A Birthday Celebration Printable

Montessori-inspired Sun Printable Pack: A Trip Around the Sun Montessori Birthday Celebration

One of my favorite Montessori birthday traditions is the trip around the sun.  

A beautiful set up is placed on the floor in the home or classroom.  

The birthday boy or girl holds a globe and makes a trip around the sun for every year old he or she is.  

With each trip, emphasis is put on special memories or accomplishments from the year.

This printable provides you with everything you need to create your own set up.  

It goes a step further and includes images of the Earth as it orbits around the sun for every month of the year.  

A control chart is provided so you can see how it works.

This is such a fabulous way to teach how the Earth orbits around the sun, even when it's not someones birthday!

As you can see the Montessori-inspired Sun Printable Pack is an incredible resource.  There's something for everyone here.

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