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The Montessori Silence Game

The Montessori Silence Game is a fabulous way to help kiddos learn about self regulation.  

It helps develop concentration and self-discipline.  

Kiddos also learn the value of silence as they participate in the game, which can be a great thing in this busy world we live in.

The Montessori Silence Game is very simple and can be played at home, school, or outdoors.  

There are many variations that you can try out.  

The Montessori Silence Game

The Montessori Silence Game

To help you understand how the game works, I've collected a number of resources from Montessori homes and schools.  

This post also includes children's books about silence to help your child better understand and then apply the concept.

The Montessori Silence Game: Tips and Resources for Home

The Montessori Silence Game Tips and Resources for Home

Using the Montessori Silence Game at home is a bit different than using it at school as you have the ability to really make it your own and fit your own child's needs.

Below are my favorite resources about using the Montessori Silence Game in the home. The possibilities are endless!

Montessori Silence Game from Montessori en Casa

The Silence Game in Nature from Montessori Nature

Learn Montessori's Silence Game for Your Home or Classroom from Carrots Are Orange

Exploring our Senses Outdoors (Montessori Silence Game) from The Natural Homeschooler

The Montessori Silence Game: Tips and Resources for the Classroom

The Montessori Silence Game: Tips and Resources for the Classroom

The Montessori Silence Game is a part of the Montessori preschool curriculum. It can include a very specific set up in the classroom, but also can include variations.

Below are resources for using the Montessori Silence Game in the classroom. I love how each resource is similar yet different.

The Montessori Silence Game from Montessori Print Shop

Nurturing Quiet from To the Lesson!

Variations on the Montessori Silence Game for Developing Skills from NAMC Montessori Teacher Training Blog

The Silence Game from Montessori Primary Guide

Children's Books About Silence

Children's Books About Silence

Books about silence are fabulous ways to introduce the Montessori Silence Game and teach reflection and meditation.

Below is a list of my favorite books about silence. They really help children understand the reason behind learning how to be silent.

Silence by Lemniscates

The Sound of Silence by Katrina Goldsaito

What Does It Mean To Be Present by Rana DiOrio

Visiting Feelings by Lauren Rubenstein

Take the Time: Mindfulness for Kids by Maud Roegiers

A Handful of Quiet: Happiness in Four Pebbles by Thich Nhat Hanh

The Lemonade Hurricane: A Story of Mindfulness and Meditation by Licia Morelli

Charlotte and the Quiet Place by Deborah Sosin

When I Make Silence by The Parent Child Press

The Silence Game is such an important aspect of Montessori education and teaches so many valuable skills.

Learning without self-regulation is useless.

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  1. What a wonderful collection of resources! This is something I have never tried with my son. I look forward to giving it a try :)

  2. Great book recommendations. Thank you

  3. These books look wonderful! I am going to check out the one "A Handful of Quiet." :)