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Witches and Wizards Halloween Party

Let's face it.  Halloween can be an absolute nightmare for our family.  Why?  I'll give you my top five reasons.
  • Autism
  • Food Allergies
  • PTSD
  • Anxieties
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder
Need I say more?  

We've tried and tested many alternatives to trick-or-treating over the years, but our favorite is our annual Witches and Wizards Halloween Party, held on Halloween Night.  The kiddos absolutely love it!

I love it because it's super easy to put together, and can become whatever you want it to be.

Witches and Wizards Halloween Party
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Here's what ours looks like!

Halloween Table Decor


My kiddos love decorations, especially Dinomite.  A Witches and Wizards Halloween Party wouldn't be complete without them.  We focus on decorating our dining room.  Our favorite decorations include:

We seem to have a love/hate relationship with costumes in this house.  Either they're too uncomfortable for the kiddos to wear due to sensory issues, or they rip and tear, causing tears and meltdowns.  

Instead, we buy each of the kiddos a Halloween outfit.  They're sensory friendly and don't cost nearly as much as most Halloween costumes.

Everyone, including adults have witch and wizard hats!


One year the kiddos each made wands as well.


Food is yet another sensitive topic in this house.  Though I'd love to make an elaborate Halloween Feast, I don't.  No one would eat it.

Instead I focus on making one of the kiddos' favorite foods, with a slight Halloween variation (if they're up for it).

And then we put all of the focus into making fun Halloween themed treats, like the ones below.  The kiddos pick out a treat they'd like to make on Pinterest, and then prepare it themselves for everyone to enjoy.
Halloween Treats

Some of our favorites include:
The kiddos also receive a Halloween bucket filled with sensory and allergy friendly candy that they like.  Sometimes I pick out the candy. Other times I give them money to pick out their own.

Since we are already enjoying homemade Halloween treats, we usually set a limit on candy intake for the evening, and save the rest to enjoy for days to come.


Our Halloween party involves music and dancing, a candle light dinner, and then a Halloween movie.  The movie seems to help the kiddos stay calm as strangers in scary masks come knocking on our door.

If a kiddo is feeling up to it, they may help hand out candy, but usually, that's left for the adults to do.

Once trick-or-treaters stop knocking on the door, we usually wind down by playing Halloween games.  I try to keep it as low key as possible, especially with all of the sugar intake.

We look forward to our Witches and Wizards Halloween Party every year.  The night is fabulous.  If you haven't tried to have your own, you're missing out!

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