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Holidays and Birthdays

My children love holidays and birthdays.  They look forward to every single one.  We do our best to make holidays special and celebrate them in a way that everyone can handle them.  Holidays and birthdays combined with special needs can be a bit tricky.

Here you will find all of our posts dedicated to holiday and birthday traditions, parties, and celebrations.  Posts are organized by holiday.  If you're in need of holiday and birthday inspiration you're in the right place!
Holidays and birthdays celebration, tradition and party ideas.


A Pirate Birthday Party A Fall Kickoff Birthday Party Superhero Week

New Year's Eve & Day

Posts coming soon!

Valentine's Day

Posts coming soon!

St. Patrick's Day

Posts coming soon!


Family Easter Traditions

Earth Day

Posts coming soon!

Mother's Day

Childhood Trauma and Mother's Day

Memorial Day

Posts coming soon!

Father's Day

Posts coming soon!

4th of July

Posts coming soon!


Our Halloween Countdown Witches and Wizards Halloween Party The Best Halloween Movies for Kids Trick-or-Treating Social Story


Posts coming soon!


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Holiday and birthday ideas and resources for families

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