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Shark Gifts and Resources for Children

We've had more than one shark lover in this house for quite some time.  As such, we've collected a lot of shark themed items over the years.  Still, one can never have enough.  In celebration of our latest shark activities and in preparation for the birthday/holiday season, I have created a list of 40 shark gifts and resources for children.  I hope you enjoy and find the perfect gift or resource for the shark lover in your life!
Shark gifts and resources for children
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My boys were delighted to help me put this together.  You'll notice there's quite a variety for every type of shark lover out there.  Happy shopping!
shark teeth gifts and resources for kids.

Hands on shark gifts for kids.

(includes shark puzzle)

Shark board games for kids.

Educational Insights Crowded Waters Game

Shark toys for kids.

Shark Attack Figure Playset by Animal Planet

LEGO City Deep Sea Starter Kit

In My Room Wild Walls Shark Encounter Wall Decal Light & Sound Show Room Decor

Matchbox Mega Rig Shark Adventure

Shark gifts for kids.

Shark Magnets

Kids Water Bottle

Shark Pen

Puzzled Shark Plush Notebook

Shark themed kitchen items.

Silicone Shark's Fin Mold/Tray

Shark Cookie Cutter

Shark Oven Mitt

Children's Shark Dish Set

Shark figures for kids.

Safari Ltd Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Life Great White Shark

Safari Ltd Wild Safari Sea Life Hammerhead Shark

Safari Ltd WS Sea Life Tiger Shark

Safari Ltd Wild Safari Sea Life Blacktip Reef Shark

Safari Ltd Wild Safari Sea Life Nurse Shark

Safari Ltd Wild Safari Sea Life Basking Shark

Safari Ltd Wild Safari Sea Life Zebra Shark

Safari Ltd Wild Safari Sea Life Shark Ray

Safari Ltd Shark Toobs for kids.

Safari Ltd Shark Toob

Safari Ltd Preshistoric Sharks Toob

Safari Ltd Ocean Toob

Safari Ltd Prehistoric Sea Life Toob

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