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Montessori-inspired White Activities with Free Printables

It's winter here.  I couldn't resist a unit dedicated to the color white.  

There are a few concepts in the Montessori curriculum that are color coded white.  Two are the seven math bead bar and the continent Antarctica.

These Montessori-inspired White Activities with Free Printables focus on those concepts and so many more!
Montessori-inspired White Activities with Free Printables
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Here's what's on our shelves!


Prewriting with shaving cream and beginning letter sounds with Montessori Sandpaper Letters using white objects.
1.  Prewriting with Shaving Cream-Sunshine has thoroughly enjoyed getting her hands dirty while working with white shaving cream.  She practices tracing the prewriting cards with her fingers, and then attempts the same movements in the shaving cream.

Source:  The free printable used for this activity can be found at Walking By the Way.

2.  Beginning Letter Sounds with Montessori Sandpaper Letters-We are beginning our Montessori approach to learning letters and sounds.  This will be our first set of letters.  Sunshine will match sandpaper letters to pictures with the same beginning consonant sound.  All pictures are of white objects.

Source:  I created the printable for this activity as part of my Montessori-inspired White Activities Printable Pack 1. This is a subscriber's only freebie. See directions at the bottom of this post on how to access your free copy.


Counting to 10 using the Montessori Numerical Rods and making seven math bead bars using white beads and pipecleaners.
1.  Counting to 10 Using the Montessori Numerical Rods-We're officially introducing the Montessori Small Numerical Rods!  Hooray!  Sunshine is very intrigued by this material.  This activity does not emphasize the concept of white, but it is the first material when learning numbers and counting and therefore needs to have a place on our shelves right now.

2.  7 White Beads-The Montessori Colored Bead for seven units is white.  In this activity Sunshine will make her own "7 white beads" by stringing the correct number of beads onto a white pipe cleaner.  To reinforce the concept of 7, I have included the Montessori Sandpaper Number 7 in the activity.  Sunshine thoroughly enjoys the process of stringing beads!


White animal match up (free printable) and science experiment about how it rains.
1.  White Animal Match Up-Sunshine will match up animal picture cards to animal figures provided.  Animal figures come from the Safari Ltd Arctic TOOB and Safari Ltd Wild Safari North American Wildlife TOOB.  This activity has been particularly good for Sunshine as it helps her with her vocabulary and animal identification skills, while at the same time reinforcing the concept of white animals.

Source:  I created the printable for this activity as part of my Montessori-inspired White Activities Printable Pack 1.  This is a subscriber's only freebie. See directions at the bottom of this post on how to access your free copy.

2.  How Does It Rain?-It's always fun to add a weather component to activities, especially when you're able to talk about white clouds.  For this activity Sunshine will use the tweezers provided to transfer a white cotton ball into the first bowl that holds a minimal amount of water.  She then uses the dropper to transfer water from the bottom of the bowl to the top of the cotton ball.  The white cloud absorbs the water, representing condensation.  Once the white cloud has filled with water, Sunshine uses the tongs provided to lift the heavy cloud out of the bowl.  Using the tongs she squeezes the water out into the next bowl, representing precipitation.  She has loved this activity.  It includes all of her favorite things-fine motor tools and water!


Montessori-inspired play dough and penguins Antarctica activity for kids.
1.  Penguins Live in Antarctica-Antarctica is usually white on a Montessori World Puzzle Map.  This is why, it's included in our white activities.  Sunshine will use "white" playdough and place it on the map provided.  She will then add penguins to the map, reinforcing the concept that penguins live in Antarctica.  The penguins are from ourSafari Ltd Penguin TOOB.  It is absolutely adorable listening to Sunshine say the word Antarctica. She LOVES her geography work!

Source:  I created the printable for this activity as part of my Montessori-inspired White Activities Printable Pack 1. This is a subscriber's only freebie. See directions at the bottom of this post on how to access your free copy.

Practical Life/Sensorial

Pouring White Rice and Tacking White Stars into the Dark Sky
1.  Pouring White Rice-Sunshine will pour the white rice into the empty jar provided. She also loves to pour it back into the original container.

2.  Tacking White Stars into the Dark Sky-Sunshine will use the white tacks as stars and place or should I say "poke" them into the black night sky.

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  1. Beautiful as always :) What wonderful works!

  2. So I didn't know this until I took my two kids on a field trip to the aquarium and we did a lesson by the staff about penguin awareness. I found it really interesting and just thought I'd share in response to your penguin activity. Only four species of the 17 total actually inhabit the continent antarica. I thought that was pretty cool personally as I did not know that :-) here is more info if you're interested.

  3. I love this, especially the white push pins on the black playdough. That dough looks really nice!! I imagine silvery craft stars would be beautiful too, although not white ;)

  4. I am loving all your colour-coded themes! I have to try it, and yes especially white and black :D

  5. I love these color units! So creative! My favorite activities are the white animals match up and the star poking into the black sky. Fun!

  6. Some really great ideas here, I love the shaving foam and the playdough ideas the best. Thanks for joining in with #ToddlerApprovedTuesday