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A Nutcracker Themed Christmas Party

The kids decided on a Nutcracker themed Christmas Party when hosting grandparents over the holidays this year.

It was a huge success, with everyone pitching in to help. 

There was food, games, attire, decor, and so much more, all nutcracker themed.

Four sets of grandparents came from near and far to celebrate and had the time of their lives.

Nutcracker Christmas Party

A Nutcracker Themed Christmas Party

Nutcracker Christmas Party Table Decor

Pop Pop Jim and Grandma Joanne were in charge of the centerpieces for the tables.  

Not only did they bring centerpieces, but as always Pop Pop Jim brought me flowers.  

Nutcracker decor

The centerpieces were absolutely breath taking.  

Grandma Joanne says she can't take credit for them, because a friend made them for her.  But wow!  

It has already been decided that Pop Pop Jim and Grandma Joanne will bring the centerpieces every year.  

I tried to take close up pictures, but they don't begin to show all of the beautiful details.

Nutcracker table centerpiece

No one could get over the children's table centerpiece.  

It came all put together in a box, with a large Nutcracker in the middle.  

What you don't realize until it's pointed out, is that there are four individual centerpieces within, one for each child.  

Each one is filled with treats for enjoyment.

Nutcracker table centerpiece

Nutcracker Christmas Party Attire

Princess was in charge of attire for our party.  

She did a fabulous job picking out beautiful Christmas dresses with pearl necklaces and gold bows to match.  (Sadly she broke her own bow before the event.)  

The boys wore matching ties and socks.

Nutcracker themed Christmas party

Nutcracker Christmas Party Menu

Since the story of the nutcracker takes place in Germany, we decided to have a German Christmas Feast.  

It was DIVINE!  

As we prepared the menu, each child contributed by picking a dish and dessert on Pinterest.

Christmas German feast

Our Nutcracker Chrismas Party Feast included:

Punch (brought by Grandma Jackie)

Nutcracker Christmas Party Desserts Included:

Apple Pie (Brought by Grandma Rose)

Fudge (Brought by Grandma Jackie)

Gluten Free Cookies (Brought by Grandma Toni)

Nutcracker themed Christmas party

Unsure about whether Dinomite and Bulldozer would enjoy any aspect of the German meal, I made sure to serve desserts with dinner.  

This provided opportunity for the adults to enjoy the meal and company.  

Grandma Toni and Grandma Rose sat at the little table this year!

Nutcracker Christmas Party Entertainment

After dinner the nutcracker themed games began!  

Grandma Toni was in charge of those.  

Nutcracker Sword Practice

How about sword practice?  

Can you balance a coin on a sword all the way across the room?  

Nutcracker games

Ribbon Gift Bag

Once the first game was over, Grandma Toni brought out her famous ribbon gift bag/box to help lessen anxieties about gifts to come.  

Each child and adult went around the room picking a ribbon that was attached to a small gift.  

Adults received homemade nutcracker ornaments.  

Children's ribbons were color coded with gifts that matched their interests.

Family traditions

Nutcracker Pictionary

Next came Nutcracker Pictionary with Grandpa Ron.  

Knowing Sunshine wouldn't be able to participate in the game, Grandpa Ron let her draw the first line of every image, and then he continued to draw from there.  

Everyone was divided into two teams and were to guess what each drawing was.  

I was the star player!

Nutcracker themed pictionary game

Singing Christmas Carols

Grandma Toni went around one more time with her ribbon gift bag/box while Grandpa Ron set up his music and guitar to accompany all of us singing carols.  This year we sang:
  • "Silent Night" (Dinomite's choice)
  • "Jingle Bells" (Princess' choice)
  • "Deck the Halls" (Sunshine's choice)
  • "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" (Bulldozer's choice)
  • "We Three Kings of Orient Are" (Jason's choice)
  • "O Come, All Ye Faithful" (Renae's choice)

Singing Christmas Carols

Singing Christmas carols is always such a special part of our Grandparent Christmas Party.  

How to Use a Nutcracker

Once songs were sung, Grandpa Rob brought out a Nutcracker with Picks to teach the kiddos how to crack nuts.  

They had desperately wanted to do this for some time.  

Now that Bulldozer has outgrown his peanut and tree nut allergies, it was finally possible.  

They were all very excited to try!
Cracking nuts

The finale of the evening was opening gifts.  

The children went first, taking turns opening gifts from grandparents.  

They were so thankful and appreciative for all that they received.  

I'm almost positive their squeals of delight could be heard by neighbors down the street.

Opening gifts

Once all of the children's gifts were opened, Dinomite, Bulldozer, Princess, and Sunshine took turns giving gifts to grandparents.  

They had all gone shopping individually before the big event, purchasing a gift for each grandparent. 

They also wrapped all of their gifts with some assistance.

Opening gifts.

Jason and I were the last to open our gifts, then everyone dispersed. 

Children's gifts were taken upstairs to bedrooms.  

Adults were served desserts. 

There was mingling, laughing, and playing.  

The atmosphere was absolutely magical filled with the spirit of Christmas.  

Our Grandparent Christmas Party is my most favorite Christmas tradition yet!

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Nutcracker Christmas Party


  1. The Grandparent Celebration is just amazing! You (and the grandparents!) thought of everything and so sweetly involved the children. I love the idea of your little one who was in charge of the "attire" and then the absolutely perfect "Nutcracker themed games"...That is what I love about homeschooling...every minute is part of the curriculum! Lovely post!

  2. Looks like a wonderful party. I love how the kids helped with everything.

  3. This really is an amazing party and so inspirational to me! I want to have a Grandparent's Christmas Party, too! :)