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Our Family Vacation to Grindstone Island Day 3

By day three of our vacation the kiddos had settled into a pretty good routine.  I had checked out a bunch of books from the library before we left to keep kiddos busy during transitions etc with no media.  The kiddos loved the books!

When Jason and I were planning our vacation together, we tried to choose a theme for each day to help organize our time.  This helped us know what to bring as far as the kiddos were concerned.  Themes included camping, the beach, insects, birds, fishing, etc.  The books I checked out from the library went along with these themes.  It was my goal to plan some fun busy bag activities for each theme too, but I never ended up getting that far.  Perhaps later this summer I'll get to it.  Lol.  I've wanted to do a unit on camping for quite some time.
Our third day was pretty typical in regards to what we did.  Breakfast followed by learning time and then morning routines.  The kiddos did end up going outside to play a little bit while I was cleaning up things from breakfast.  Princess picked a beautiful bouquet of dandelions.  She was quite proud.
Despite wind and cooler temperatures the kiddos begged and pleaded to go swimming after lunch.  As always they had loads of fun.
Then the kiddos realized just how cold they were and decided it was time to get warm.  The water was fun while it lasted.
The kiddos played outside a little more throughout the day.  We ate dinner and then did our bedtime routines.  Dinomite LOVED reading a book while sipping lemonade, in his favorite chair every night. The view of the river is beautiful from where he was sitting.
Bulldozer looked at books too. But this 3rd night of vacation, he was complaining about one side of his head hurting.  I asked if he had done anything to it. He casually mentioned it probably hurt because he had fallen a couple days before.  Nothing else was said about it until the next morning when...

To be continued.

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  1. Looks like an incredibly amazing experience for your children!! Nice work, mama!