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Our Family Vacation to Grindstone Island Day 1

We just arrived home from a WONDERFUL week on Grindstone Island in the 1000 Islands.  The vacation was a much needed respite for all of us.  Continuing with tradition,  we stayed completely unplugged from all media devices while on the island, until the last day when Jason and I packed and cleaned up camp.  No one was excited about returning home.  At least we have fabulous memories to hold us over until next year.  We hope to return again.

We left our home as early as we could the first day, in order to be sure to enjoy some warm weather, before a cold front moved in.  As soon as we were settled, the kiddos had their swimming suits on and were in the water.
The didn't care that the water was FREEZING.

This year was the first year that the kiddos were old enough and strong enough to jump off of the dock and swim around to the ladder.  Dinomite and Princess loved it.  Bulldozer... not so much.  I'm still shocked he even tried.
When the kiddos weren't swimming, they were wading, looking for treasures and throwing rocks.  Bulldozer's favorite island past time is throwing rocks.  He loves watching the splash and ripples in the water caused by the rocks.  I've tried to teach him how to skip rocks, but he still doesn't seem interested.  Maybe next year...  Dinomite instantly started up a collection of treasures he made sure we brought home today.
After swimming everyone headed inside to get warm.  We all ate dinner-turkey burgers, hot dogs, salt potatoes, corn on the cob, and fruit, and then prepared for evening festivities.

Bulldozer has been saying for weeks that he wants to go camping. When we found out we were going to Grindstone, we jumped at the opportunity to appease his request.  Of course, first we needed to figure out what camping meant to the kiddos.  It turns out, camping means S'mores by a camp fire and sleeping in a tent.  Lol.

Jason surprised us all with his scouting skills.  (I love that after almost 10 years my husband can still surprise me with new skills I never knew he had.)  He built a beautiful tepee fire down on the rocks right next to the water.  The kiddos had helped him collect tinder, kindling, and fuel wood for the fire before dinner.

We brought the makings for S'mores.  Each kiddo took turns down by the fire with Daddy roasting their marshmallows.
It seems I neglected to take a picture of Sunshine roasting her marshmallow.  She couldn't eat one due to food allergies, but she roasted one for Mommy.  I  gave her allergy friendly chocolate and graham crackers so she could join in.
Dinomite surprised everyone with his new liking for S'mores.  It turns out that cooking them over a campfire makes all the difference. Lol.  In the past he has always eaten each part of the snack separately, with the marshmallows plain, not roasted.  Dinomite ate three S'mores our first night on the island.

After the campfire was put out (Again, so impressed with my husband's skills!), it was time for phase two of our camping experience.  Unfortunately we already had two kiddos who were a bit frightened by the sounds of nature in the dark around us.  Bulldozer and Sunshine had asked to go back inside the house several times already.  Sigh.  Not even the bright stars in the sky could distract them.

We brought all of the kiddos back inside to grab blankets and then headed to our tent.  Jason and I thought that perhaps once we were inside the tent, all together, that Bulldozer and Sunshine would settle down.  Our plan worked only part way.
Jason, Dinomite, Sunshine & Princess slept in the tent.  Bulldozer couldn't wait to return to the house to sleep.  He asked to sleep with Mommy.  In the end, it turns out that Bulldozer and Mommy lucked out because everyone sleeping in the tent froze all night.  I'm still not quite sure why they didn't come in to get more blankets, but oh well.  Mommy and Daddy will be getting everyone warm sleeping bags for Christmas.  All three kiddos slept with Jason in the tent ALL night long which was extremely impressive to me.  And Bulldozer...
His biggest worry once inside was that Mommy was sad and upset because she didn't get to sleep in the tent like she had wanted.  He apologized profusely.  I assured him he had nothing to worry about.  And with that he went to bed with a smile.  We had such an amazing first day on the island!

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  1. so glad that you had fun . looks like a great time