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Music Theory Activities and Printables for Kids (KLP Linky)

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I graduated from college with a degree in music.  My instrument is my voice.  Teaching music to my kiddos should come easily to me.  Yet, it seems the opposite happens.  I'm not sure if it's because it means so much to me.  I've noticed the things I love the most are hardest to teach my children.  Or perhaps it's just because I understand so much about music, that I subconsciously expect my kiddos to know the same?  Who knows? All I do know is that they've hit a wall in their music progress.  They were all practicing and playing the piano daily, until I introduced the grand staff and letter names to them.  I don't think they've touched the piano since.  Obviously, they need some practice with music theory.  The thing is, when I taught piano lessons and voice lessons to kiddos in the past, I was always at the piano. We were in a private lesson setting. They were given theory homework.  I wasn't in a Montessori setting.  I wasn't in a classroom setting.  I'm learning this is a lot different.

In an effort to motivate my kiddos to get back to their piano lessons, and to find new ways to enjoy music, I decided to go on a search for fabulous music theory activities.  I can't resist sharing them with you, as they are really FABULOUS!

In the process of my search I discovered two blogs that have several music activities that are great for kiddos. I want to make sure to give them a shout out, as it's very appropriate here!

And now for some fabulous activities!
Music Theory with Mirrors from And Next Comes L

Music Note Matching Game from And Next Comes L at

Music Dice from Occasionally Crafty

Music Theory Addition from Little Drummer Boy Unit

Taps Analysis from Memorial Day Unit

Learning the Keyboard from March Madness Basketball Unit

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I Hibernate Printables from Welcome to Mommyhood

5 Little Snowmen from Laptime Songs

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  1. What an awesome round up! I really need to set up a music themed week for our shelves soon :)

    Thank you for the feature, too!!