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Music Theory Activities and Printables for Kids

Music theory activities and printables can be such an amazing addition to Montessori classrooms at home or at school.

Teaching children music theory provides a base for further music studies in voice and instruments.

Once children understand music theory, they're unstoppable.

This post includes a collection of our favorite music theory resources for children.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Music Theory Activities and Printables for Kids

I graduated from college with a degree in music.  

My instrument is my voice.  

Teaching music to my kiddos should come easily to me.  

Yet, it seems the opposite happens.  

I'm not sure if it's because it means so much to me.  

I've noticed the things I love the most are hardest to teach my children.  

Or perhaps it's just because I understand so much about music, that I subconsciously expect my kiddos to know the same?  

Who knows? 

I decided to look for some inspiration that would help me help my kids.

I can't resist sharing them with you, as they are really FABULOUS!

In the process of my search I discovered two blogs that have several music activities that are great for kiddos. I want to make sure to give them a shout out, as it's very appropriate here!

And now for some fabulous activities!

Music Theory Activities and Printables for Kids

Music Theory with Mirrors

Music Theory with Mirrors from And Next Comes L

I love that this activity incorporates such a fun sensory experience. Sometimes kids need sensory regulation before and while they're learning. This activity provides that.

The mirrors can be used in so many different ways while learning notes on the staff.

Music Note Matching Game

Music Note Matching Game from And Next Comes L at

This is such a fun sorting activity for little ones learning music note values. I love how the activity is Montessori-inspired.

The glass beads are such a great manipulative when learning!

Montessori Music Trays: Building Rhythm

Montessori Music Tray:  Building Rhythms from And Next Comes L

This activity is such a fantastic way to help kids learn and understand rhythm and how measures work in music.

I love that this activity has a control that kids can use to guide them in their work.

Once again the glass beads are the perfect manipulative.

Music Dice

Music Dice from Occasionally Crafty

These music dice are such a fun way to practice rhythm!

I love that the activity involves movement and that each and every time the dice are rolled there's a chance to practice a completely different rhythm with different note and rest values.

This activity is also easy to adjust in levels of difficulty, adding dice as you go.

5 Days of Piano Teaching Fun with Playdough

5 Days of Piano Teaching Fun using Play Dough!  from Teach Piano Today

I love that these activities have such a tactile sensory component to them away from the piano. 

There's so much to be said for adding as many sensory experiences as possible into learning.

Another aspect of these activities that I love is that colors are used to represent different ideas. For kids who struggle with language and math, this is so helpful!

Montessori-inspired Music Appreciation: Handel

I love how these music activities not only teach music theory, but also music history and appreciation. 

A composer is introduced along with note values, rhythm concepts, and more.

Christmas Rhythm Game

Christmas Rhythm Game from Let's Play Music

These printables and game are such an adorable way to practice rhythm during the holiday season. 

I love how there are options for different ages to meet the needs of all kids in the classroom.

We also have several music theory resources available at Every Star Is Different!

Montessori-inspired Music Activities with Free Printables

Montessori-inspired Music Activities with Free Printables

These activities provide a variety of opportunities to learn different aspects of music theory.

They are designed for children in preschool and elementary classrooms.

Sometimes the best way to teach music theory concepts is to utilize other objects and manipulatives besides instruments.

Montessori-inspired Music Notes Printable Pack

Montessori-inspired Music Notes Printable Pack

This printable pack provides multiple ways for children to learn the notes on the staff. 

It includes all notes, even those above and below the staff.

It's easy to go at a child's pace, skills, and abilities with so many choices.

Montessori-inspired Music Theory Bundle

Montessori-inspired Music Theory Bundle

Our music theory bundle includes an introduction to multiple aspects of music theory, excluding note names on the staff.

All activities are designed for children in preschool and elementary classrooms.

There are so many different ways to teach music theory concepts!

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