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Addition Activities and Printables

I thought I'd share my favorite Addition Activities and Printables with you.

The kiddos have been working hard this year to learn their math facts.  

This hasn't meant the process has been as fun as it could be.  

These activities are sure to liven things up a bit. 


Addition Activities and Free Printables

Addition Activities and Printables

1. Fact Family Neighborhood by School Time Snippets

I love how this activity emphasizes the answer. Kids sort out the math problems and place them in the correct place. 

This activity also eliminates the necessity to write, which is very helpful for kids who struggle in that area.

2. Scratch Off Math Cards from Left Brain Craft Brain

This activity is so much fun, especially for kids who enjoy surprises. 

I love that there's a built in control element and kids can check their answers.

There's also a fabulous fine motor practice included.

3. Counting & Addition Activity Tray from The Imagination Tree

My kids love these activity trays. 

There are so many choices to us as counters. 

You can use any theme.

Math becomes so much fun.

4. Lollipop Math Activities from Fantastic Fun and Learning

I absolutely love math activities that include fine motor practice.

This one is fabulous.

If you'd prefer not to use lollipops, you can choose anything that fits into holes.

Consider silk flowers or holiday and seasonal decorations.

5. DIY Addition Strip Board and Strip Board Presentations from Living Montessori Now

When it comes to addition, the Montessori Method provides so many fabulous materials and activities. 

The addition strip board is just one fabulous resource. 

And if you're looking for a FREE Addition Strip Board, be sure to visit this post!

6. Addition Cups from Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten

This post includes a very creative way to introduce addition. 

The activity does include a writing component.

It also provides some hand eye coordination practice.

I love how you can change the theme of this activity very easily to work all year long.

7. Free Addition Game for the Doubles Facts from The Measured Mom

For kids who love games, especially memory, this resource is fabulous!

I love that the game adds a few fun extra surprises for those who want them.

This activity definitely turns flash card learning into such a fabulous learning game.

8. Dominos Addition with Dot Markers from I Can Teach My Child

I love how this activity incorporates fine motor practice and a game all in one. 

Dominos are such a great resource to help with numbers and addition.

Do-a-dot markers are great for marking answers while distinguishing numbers by color. 

9. Addition Snake Game from To the Lesson!

The addition snake game is another fabulous Montessori resource that kids love.

I am a HUGE fan of the math bead bars.

They help children in so many ways.

The addition snake game materials are gorgeous and so appealing to kids. 

10. Math Fact House Printable from 3 Dinosaurs

I just love these math fact houses!

They are so much fun and so helpful for kids trying to master math facts.

It's super easy to build in a control.

The printable can be used over and over again.

There are so many fun ways to vary up addition activities that entice children to want to practice math!

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  1. Another great post! Thanks for bringing all of these ideas together. And thank you for including my Addition Snake game post and picture.

  2. This is an awesome collection of hands-on learning math activities! Thank you for linking up at "A Little Bird Told Me" Wednesday link party! You have been featured on Mama's Happy Hive blog. :)