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FREE Christmas Addition Printables

I am always on the look out for new ways to practice addition with Sunshine, especially at Christmas. 

These fun FREE Christmas Addition Printables have been a HUGE hit with her. 

Sunshine views each sheet as a game. Once she covers all the spaces, she's won!

If she needs help adding along the way, I always provide a fun manipulative for her to use as a counter. 

All you need to "play" is a die and some type of marker. We use Christmas stamps and a washable ink pad.

FREE Christmas Addition Printables

FREE Christmas Addition Printables

These FREE Christmas printables are so easy to use! 

Print out the page that corresponds with what addition facts your kiddo is working on. 

Don't forget to provide a die and a marker of some sort.

Your kiddo will roll the die and then adds the number prompted on the page to the number on the die.

For example, if your child is working on the "Five More" page, and the die lands on the number six, your child will add 6+5. 

Once your child knows the answer, mark one of the squares with the corresponding number.

The activity continues until all of the boxes are filled. 

If filling in all of the boxes is too much, then set a goal for the number of boxes that is possible.

This can be an activity for one child, or one that peers can complete together.

Montessori-inspired Christmas Bundle

Montessori-inspired Christmas Bundle

The FREE Christmas Addition Printables have been designed to match activities in the NEW Montessori-inspired Christmas Bundle.

This bundle contains over 300 pages of Christmas printables that focus on some of children's favorite holiday characters and stories in a Montessori-friendly way.

Now through December 13, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST, this bundle can be yours at 75% OFF for only $11.99.

Do not wait until it's too late to take advantage of this wonderful resource!

Christmas Skip Counting Printable Pack

If you're looking for more Christmas math activities, then you'll definitely want to check out the Montessori-inspired Christmas Skip Counting Printable Pack included in the Montessori-inspired Christmas Bundle.

This printable pack provides so many resources for teaching skip counting and multiplication, all with Christmas themed true-to-life images that are Montessori friendly.

No matter your child's skills and abilities, there is something for everyone included.

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Don't forget your free printable!

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