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FREE Ice Cream Addition Clip Cards

There is nothing that cools down a hot summer day better than ice cream! 

These FREE Ice Cream Addition Clip Cards are perfect for introducing or reviewing larger math facts while school's out or when students first return to the classroom.

There are multiple flavors on each card to ensure every child identifies with one they love most. All images are true to life.

Ice Cream Addition Clip Cards (FREE)

 FREE Ice Cream Addition Clip Cards

Sunshine is thoroughly enjoying addition right now, which is a BIG deal. 

I want to be sure to follow her lead and provide her with work that she will love. 

On her next home pass she has requested that we do ice cream themed activities during learning time. An ice cream unit will be super fun, but I do not have an ice cream activity that includes addition.

That is, until now!

The FREE Ice Cream Addition Clip Cards focus on addition larger math problems like 8+9 and 7+6. Each card provides ice cream cones as counters and three answers to choose from.

When Sunshine uses these clip cards, she counts the ice cream cones on each side of the addition sign, writing down the equation on a piece of paper provided. She then places a marker on the answer and reads aloud her written out addition problem.

Montessori-inspired Ice Cream Bundle

The FREE Ice Cream Addition Clip Cards are designed to be used with our NEW Ice Cream Bundle

This bundle includes 298 pages of ice cream themed printables for children in Montessori preschool classrooms.

It specifically focuses on:

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Measurement 
  • Vocabulary

Whether you are teaching a summer session of classes or are preparing to go back to school in the heat of August, these ice cream resources are sure to be loved by all.

Now through July 31st, you can purchase the NEW Ice Cream Bundle at 75% OFF for only $9.99.

Don't wait until it's too late to grab this fabulous bundle!

And, don't forget to grab your FREE Ice Cream Addition Clip Cards, be sure to click the link below.

FREE Ice Cream Addition Clip Cards

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FREE Ice Cream Addition Clip Cards

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