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Emergency Vehicles Unit with Free Printables

My boys love vehicles, especially emergency vehicles.  This Emergency Vehicles Unit with Free Printables has been a great way to teach fire safety, first aid, and other very important safety concepts. 

All of the kiddos have loved our Emergency Vehicles Unit and have learned so much from all of the activities.

Emergency Vehicles Unit with Free Printables

Here's what was on our shelves!

Emergency Vehicles Unit with Free Printables

Police Themed 3 Part Cards

Police themed 3 part cards.

The kiddos matched up the three part cards, learning basic police vocabulary.  They have thoroughly enjoyed this process!

Source:  The printable for this activity can be found at Home School Creations.

Firemen Safety 3 Part Cards

Fireman safety 3 part cards.

The kiddos matched up the 3 part cards learning fire safety vocabulary.  

Source:  The printable for this activity can be found at Home School Creations.

Fire Truck Number Match Up

Fire Truck Number Match Up

The kiddos matched the number fire truck to the correct garage.  This was a great way to practice identifying written numbers and such a cute printable.

Source:  The printable for this activity can be found at Making Learning Fun.

Number Puzzles

Number Puzzles

Once again, we were practicing number identification in this activity.  We've also added the sequencing component.  The kiddos put the numbers in order to create a fire and police themed picture.

Sources: The fire safety and police themed printables for this activity can be found at Homeschool Creations.

My Fire Safety Book

An inside look at Fire Safety Social Story Printable
We review fire safety at least once a year in our home.  I created this book to help the kiddos understand the basics of what to do in case of a fire.  

A special thanks to friends in a local fire department who helped me put this together.  It was quite an emotional process, thinking about the "what ifs."

Fire Safety Printable Pack

Source: Since this unit study I have updated this safety book and created a Fire Safety Printable Pack that offers some incredible resources.

Emergency Vehicle Operations

Emergency Vehicle Operations

There are very few times I'm thankful that my boys have as many little vehicles as they do, but this was one of those times.  Included in this bin were are emergency vehicles we had at home.  You name it. We had it!

In the little red cup located in the corner of the bin were signs and symbols for the hospital, police station, ambulance dispatch, fire station, camp grounds, bank, and symbols representing boating and a fire.

The kids laid out the signs on the floor, establishing where each location was, and then played A LONG time, acting out scenarios with their vehicles.  I loved that they were learning signs and symbols and identifying emergency vehicles they might see all at the same time!

EMT Play Station

EMT Station

This activity focuses ambulances and medical emergencies.  I put together a basket full of medical supplies that were allergy friendly for Bulldozer and used one of Sunshine's baby dolls as a patient.

In my basket I included three different sizes of gauze rolls, several gauze pads, an oxygen mask (Sunshine's nebulizer mask), medical gloves, a bendable splint, a medicine syringe (The kids used it as a "shot".) and one of Bulldozer's practice epi-pens. After all, with him in the family, that's definitely a medical device that might be used in the ambulance.

Little did I know how much ALL three kiddos would LOVE this activity.  Each one used it in different ways, but made sure to use all of the items in the basket, either on themselves, or on their patient.

EMT Station practice complete.
Princess' Patient

This activity incorporated so many learning experiences.

  • Practical Life Skills: The kids would wrap their patient's extremities and then unwrap them. 
  • Science: They'd come up with scenarios about what had happened to their patient.
  • Compassion: The kiddos would talk their patient through the procedures.  

Police Station Fingerprinting

Police Station Finger Painting

I thought the kiddos would have a lot of fun with a finger printing station.  Not only could they go through the motion, but they could examine what their finger prints looked like.

We only ran into one little glitch with this activity.  My stamp pad was brand new and had lots of ink.  So, instead of going from the ink pad to the paper, the kids first stamped their finger on a towel and then onto the paper.  That way they could see the lines.

Police Station Finger Prints
Some of the kiddos' finger prints.

Dinomite really enjoyed studying his prints through the magnifying glass and talking about how each one varied from the others.

Source: The finger print printable can be found at a NY State Assembly website.

Fire Finger Painting

Fire finger painting tray set up.

We've been focusing our art lessons on mixing colors lately.  In this activity we practiced making orange with red and yellow.  Since it was our emergency vehicles unit, and we were learning about fire safety, why not have fun making fire with finger paint!

It took the kiddos a little time to get used to having paint on their fingers, but once they did, they went all out!  These are my favorite flames from the week!

Fire finger painting sample.
Dinomite's Fire

Our last adventure of the week was a field trip to the ambulance garage in our city.  One of our friends is an EMT and gave the kiddos a private tour!  It was fabulous!

Tour of ambulance.

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  1. Lots of great resources and ideas here! We're doing a "community helpers" unit soon, and you've linked to some useful printables.

  2. Please feel free to e-mail me if you would like a free copy of any of the printables I created in this post. Be sure to give the name of the activity and the name of the post. Thank you!

  3. Love all of these ideas! So fantastic:)

  4. Great ideas! I love that you are reviewing fire safety annually!

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Hope to see you linked up again later today =)

    Have a GREAT weekend,

  5. This was a wonderful presentation of emergency vehicles! :) So many fun ideas!

  6. Is there a place we can find a link to some of your printables? tried to email the address listed above, but it says no longer available. Thanks in advance. :)