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Continent and Country Activities and Free Printables

Learning about the world around them has given our children a deep sense of appreciation and respect for others.  They have learned that race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, etc. do not define a person.  We are all inhabitants of this beautiful Earth working hard to make it a better place.

Our children have learned to love and appreciate animals and plant life and how important these living things are to the success of life on this planet.  They have studied natural resources and weather patterns and how these things effect our world.

These studies have left an impression my children as we have learned about various places and cultures around the world.  They continue to crave these learning experiences.  As a result we thought it beneficial to create a page that contains links to all of our continent and country activities and free printables for easy access.

Continent and Country Activities and Free Printables

To kick off your continent studies, consider our Montessori-inspired Continent Activities with Free Printables.  It's perfect when introducing the concept of concepts and can be also used in any of your individual continent studies.

Continent and Country Activities and Free Printables

Montessori-inspired Continents Activities with Free Printables

Continents are organized in alphabetical order.  Unit studies about specific countries are included under the corresponding continent.  Below continent and country studies you will find posts that include sorting living things by continents.  Lastly, we've included our Arctic Unit on this page for those who are studying countries there.


Studying life in Africa was eye opening for our children.  They loved learning about all of the amazing animals that live there, but it was aspects of the culture and life in the country that fascinated them most.

Africa UnitAnimals of Africa Activities for TotsMontessori-inspired Green Activities


Antarctica is Renae's favorite continent to study.  It is such an amazing place.  One might think it's just snow, ice, and penguins, but we assure you there's so much more there.

Antarctica UnitAntarctica Unit 2 with Free Printables Antarctica Activities for Kids Montessori-inspired White Activities


If there's one continent that can be overwhelming to study, it's Asia.  It's so big!  We've started out big, breaking the continent down by region.  Next we'll study each region individually.  We'll also focus on specific countries along the way.  Be sure to stop back to check out newly added content.

Asia Unit with Free Printables Chinese New YearMontessori-inspired Yellow Activities


Australia is such a unique continent to study.  We had so much fun with the activities and printables below.  You can be sure more will be coming soon!

Australia Unit


The continent of Europe is so rich in history and culture.  There are so many wonderful opportunities to study different aspects of it.  You will find all of them listed below, including units were individual countries are studied.

Montessori-inspired Study of EuropeEurope Unit Part 2Montessori-inspired Red Activities Free Christmas in Europe Printable Pack


Valentine's Day in Paris

North America

North America is home to us, specifically the United States of America.  We love studying our continent, especially our own country and those that surround us.  Growing up Renae lived 15 minutes away from Canada and visited there often.  Jason lived in Mexico for two years serving a mission for our church.

Montessori Canada Geography Activities for Kids with Free Printables North America Unit

The United States of America

An All American Summer UnitThe United States of AmericaMemorial Day ActivitiesAll About Me:  My Country

South America

The culture of South America is very near and dear to our hearts as many of Jason and Renae's friends have come from countries there.  It's been such a delight to teach our children more about this beautiful continent, it's culture, and people.  Dinomite can't get enough of studying animals that live there.

North America UnitNative Americans and South AmericaMontessori-inspired Pink Activities

Sorting Living Things By Continent

Each of the posts listed below includes an activity and free printable where various living things are sorted by continent.  Our Montessori-inspired Reptile and Invertebrate Units with Free Printables are coming soon!

Insect Unit 2 Fish and Water Unit Montessori-inspired Amphibian Unit Bird Unit 3 Mammals Unit 2 Dinosaur Unit 2 Montessori-inspired Zoo Scavenger Hunt

The Arctic

Though the Arctic isn't a continent or a country, it's definitely an area of the world that deserves it's own study.  As such we've included it here.

Arctic Unit

If you enjoyed the resources on this page, you may also enjoy the products below.

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Continent and Country Activities and Free Printables

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