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Montessori Canada Geography Activities for Kids with Free Printables

Montessori Canada Geography Activities for kids with free printables are the perfect way to expand North America studies or celebrate Canada Day. 

If you live in the United States, studying bordering countries like Mexico and Canada is a fabulous way to help children understand neighboring cultures.

For those who live in Canada, these activities are a perfect introduction to the geography of the country.

No matter what your reason behind studying Canada is, we have what you need and more with added free printables.

Montessori Canada Geography Activities for Kids

Montessori Canada Geography Activities for Kids with Free Printables

Montessori-inspired Canada Printable Pack

Montessori-inspired Canada Printable Pack

Many of the activities in this post include printables from my Montessori-inspired Canada Printable Pack. This pack includes resources in multiple subject areas. In this post, I am only focusing on geography activities.

Montessori Map of Canada


Montessori Map of Canada

Sunshine absolutely loves puzzles. Montessori map puzzles are no different. She is very excited to see this map on her shelves, as she is always asking when she can do a Montessori puzzle.

I like using the Montessori Canada Puzzle Map because it doesn't have a lot of pieces to overwhelm Sunshine. 

Using the control map (not seen), Sunshine transfers puzzle pieces one at a time, placing them in the correct space, identifying the names of each Canada province as she goes.

Once all of the pieces are placed on the control map, Sunshine will place them back in the puzzle one at a time.

Montessori Map of Canada Coloring Activity

Montessori Map of Canada Coloring Activity

To reinforce names, colors, and shapes of provinces in Canada, Sunshine will color this map using the Montessori puzzle map as a control. 

She will use colored pencils so she can color in tiny spaces with more accuracy. A pencil sharpener is provided in case she needs it.

Montessori Canada Map Coloring Activity

Sunshine loved using the Montessori puzzle pieces as a control while coloring her map. She would select a piece from the puzzle and find the one that matched on the map.

If a Montessori puzzle map of Canada is not available, you can color a copy of this map and use it as a control for the coloring activity.

You can also cut out provinces to use as a puzzle.

Canada Flags Nomenclature Cards

Canada Flags Nomenclature Cards

Once the names of the provinces of Canada were introduced using a map of Canada, Sunshine moved on to learn corresponding flags. Sunshine absolutely loves flag work. These cards were such a treat to her.

We used these cards as traditional nomenclature cards. Sunshine loves nomenclature card work.

When Sunshine feels comfortable with identifying map puzzle pieces and flags, we'll match up flags with provinces.

Source: The printable for this activity is part of the Montessori-inspired Canada Printable Pack.

Cities of Canada Map Activity

Cities of Canada Map Activity

This activity is a fun challenge for those who like geography and maps. Sunshine picks up a city card and then find it on the map. A magnifying glass is provided if needed.

We've started with easier cities that are more pronounced on the map and will progress from there. Another way to help children would be to focus on one province, so children know where to look.

Source: The printable for this activity is part of the Montessori-inspired Canada Printable Pack.

FREE Canada Language Printable Pack

Canada Language Printable Pack

For kids that need more practice with Canada province names and flags, this printable pack is sure to be a hit! 

The Montessori-inspired Canada Language Printable Pack includes Canada province writing strips and first letter sound clip cards.

Source: The Canada Language Printable Pack is a Subscriber's Only Freebie. For your free copy, follow the directions below.

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Montessori Canada Geography Activities for Kids with Free Printables

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