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FREE Winter Themed Cursive Printable Pack

 Sunshine is VERY excited to learn cursive. This winter seems to be the perfect time to work on it with the FREE Winter Themed Cursive Printable Pack.

Dinomite, Bulldozer, and Princess have used these printables in the past and loved them. We used them in the ways I present below. 

They were then kept in a basket as a resource for the kids whenever they needed to look up how to write one of their letters in cursive during the winter months.

We hope you enjoy this winter resource as much as we have!

FREEE Winter Themed Cursive Printable Pack

FREE Winter Themed Cursive Printable Pack

Writing Cursive Letters

FREE Winter Themed Cursive Cards

The kids loved using these cards to practice writing their cursive letters using their lined white boards

Arrows provide such a fabulous control for writing each letter, especially when kids don't remember where to start.

Empty cards with lines are provided in the pack for those who would like to use them. We just found that the kids could write a lot more letters on their white board.

Tricky Cursive Letter Combinations

FREE Winter Cursive Cards with Words

Dinomite was the inspiration for this activity. He was struggling with some cursive letter combinations and asked that I create a way to practice them.

We wrote down all of the letter combinations he had a hard time with and then created words using them. The result is the set of cards shown above.

These cards are used in the same way that the alphabet cards are. Arrows have proven to be extremely helpful, especially when working with letter combinations.

Empty cards are provided for those who would like to use them, especially if you don't have a lined white board.

We hope you enjoy these cursive resources as much as we have during the winter months!

Source: The Winter Themed Cursive Printable Pack is a free printable, for your copy, be sure to click on the link at the bottom of this post.

If you're looking for more winter language resources, be sure to check out the printable below!

FREE Montessori Grammar: Verbs Sentence Building Printable Pack

FREE Montessori-inspired Grammar: Verbs Sentence Building Printable Pack

This winter grammar resource can be used in so many different ways to help children understand verbs and how they work in a sentence when paired with nouns, adverbs, and so much more!

For those who would like more seasonal and language activities and printable packs, be sure to subscribe to our free newsletter by clicking on the link below.

Don't forget your free printables!

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