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Christmas Gift Ideas for 13 Year Old Girls

Princess is very excited about Christmas this year. 

She was more than willing to make a wish list for me of the things she's asking for. 

The hardest part for her was narrowing everything down to her twelve favorites.

If you have a young teenage girl in your life, we hope that these Christmas Gift Ideas for 13 Year Old Girls inspires!

Christmas Gift Ideas for 13 Year Old Girls

Christmas Gift Ideas for 13 Year Old Girls

Magic Academy 1000 Piece Puzzle

Magic Academy 1000 Piece Puzzle

Princess loves puzzles. They are such a great way to keep her hands and her mind busy, especially when she's bored or feeling anxious. 

She chose this puzzle in particular because it looks like Hogwarts Castle.

Land of Ingary Trilogy Howl's Moving Castle 3 Book Series

Land of Ingary Trilogy Howl's Moving Castle 3 Book Series

The first book in this series was on a homeschooling book list I gave Princess at one time. She loved it so much that she decided she had to have her own copy.

Then she realized it was a series and well... She is one happy girl and can not wait to own and read through these books!

Jurassic World Dominion

Jurassic World Dominion Blu ray

Princess loves the Jurassic World movies and cannot wait to own the final chapter in the series, especially since it includes her favorite characters for the Jurassic Park movies as well.

She definitely enjoys action movies and intense sequences, just like her brothers and parents!

LEGO Friends Magical Caravan 41688

LEGO Friends Magical Caravan 41688

Princess had multiple LEGO sets on her original list, but decided this is the one she wants most.  She is excited to have a LEGO horse and the hair pieces that come with the characters.

Princess has always been one for accessories. This set has some pretty cool ones!

Mutlicolor Pearl Beads

Multicolor Pearl Beads

Princess loves to make jewelry. She makes new necklaces and bracelets on a weekly basis to coordinate with outfits and any special events that may be going on.

She is quite particular about the beads she uses in her pieces. These are ones she's requested specifically.

Harper Collins Spanish College Dictionary

Harper Collins Spanish College Dictionary

Sunshine is studying Spanish and can't get enough of it. She's had a basic Spanish dictionary for a couple years now. 

According to her, it does not include all of the words and definitions she needs to know. 

We're hoping this college dictionary will meet her needs better.

Lined Journals

Lined Journal Notebooks

Princess wants to be an author when she grows up. She is constantly writing stories in her free time, keeping them all in notebooks to edit as she learns more in her creative writing lessons.

Princess can never have enough notebooks. She has so many stories going on in her head that she's always trying to write down.

Cosmopolitan Nail Polish Set

Cosmopolitan Nail Polish Set

Princess isn't one to wear make-up, but she does love polishing her nails. She loves color and variety.

This nail polish set includes so many colors that she can use and enjoy all year long. 

Princess already has a nail dryer and other accessories that makes polishing nails super easy and fun.

Pink: Greatest Hits... So Far! (Clean Edition)

Pink: Greatest Hits... So Far CD (Clean Edition)

Princess is taking after me when it comes to music. I introduced her to Pink, and she can't seem to get enough of the artist, requesting her own CD to use in her room and in the van.

It may seem odd that Princess wants a CD and has a CD player. Due to struggles she has when using online apps, she is being raised as a 1990s kid until she's a bit more mature.

Forgotten Waters Cooperative Board Game

Forgotten Waters Cooperative Board Game

Princess has found her sweet spot when it comes to board games. She LOVES cooperative games and enjoys playing them often.

I love that she loves playing games with others without the anxiety that comes with trying to win against others.

Nonstick Madeline Tray

Nonstick Madeleine Pan 2 Pack

Princess loves to cook and bake. She thoroughly enjoys her recipe books and marks recipes she wants to try.

For over a year now she's been waiting to try out a couple madeleine recipes, but isn't able to do so until she has the right pans.

NFL Miami Dolphins Socks

NFL Miami Dolphins Socks

Princess loves the Miami Dolphins and is extremely excited that they're playing so well this year. 

She has a shirt, hat, and has even made jewelry to wear on game day, but is lacking matching socks, which Princess feels is very important to have, especially since her brothers have them.

I have loved watching Princess go from being a girl to a young woman. She is so much fun and so passionate about so many things.

Her wish list reflects her passions well. If you're looking for gift ideas, I hope you've found what you're looking for!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for 13 Year Old Girls

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