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Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

The Christmas season is here and Sunshine is VERY excited. 

This will be her first Christmas at home in three years after spending a long time in residential treatment. 

She is not ever lacking in gift ideas, but has definitely shown specific interests we're excited to support.

We hope her wish list helps anyone else who is shopping for  Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls. 

If you don't find what you need here, be sure to check out Our Favorite Things page that includes all of our gift guides and wish lists!

Christmas Gifts Ideas for Girls

Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

Barbie Be a Fashion Designer Doll Dress Up

Barbie Be a Fashion Designer Doll Dress Up Kit

Sunshine loves playing Barbies with anyone who will play with her. She loves dressing up her dolls in fancy outfits and accessories. 

I love that this accessory set comes with outfits she enjoys AND she's able to make them as fancy as she wants. Crafting is something else Sunshine really likes.

Little Jupiter Plush Pet Set with Purse

Little Jupiter Plush Pet Set with Purse

Sunshine absolutely loves unicorns right now. She also enjoys bags of any kind, especially when she can take things in and out of them. Add sequins and Sunshine is heaven!

I love that this gift is something she can take with her while running errands etc., to provide sensory input she may need and it keeps her hands busy so she's not touching other item she shouldn't be. Lol.

Jewelry Making Kit For Girls

Jewelry Making Kit for Girls

Sunshine has fallen in love with jewelry and is always wanting to accessorize her outfits like her big sister does. 

This is an adorable jewelry making kit that can provide a crafting opportunity and jewelry to wear when she wants to.

Barbie Merman Doll

Barbie Dreamtopia Merman Doll

Sunshine enjoys taking bubble baths on a regular basis. 

During her bath she plays with her Barbie mermaids. 

She has three Chelsea dolls right now and is receiving an adult female Barbie mermaid from siblings. 

All she needs now to complete her family is a merman!

Women's Princess Dress Size Medium

Women's Princess Dress Size Medium

Sunshine LOVES dress up. 

Her favorite Disney Princess is Elsa. 

The only problem we run into is that Sunshine is in adult size clothing, and so children's costumes do not work for her.

This princess dress seems to be the perfect solution!

It's modest and has sleeves to keep Sunshine warm and it's created to look just like Elsa's dress.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Illustrated Edition

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: The Illustrated Edition

It's not secret that our we are all fans of Harry Potter in this family. Sunshine, for the first time, is ready to read the books. The only issue is that she still can't read and prefers picture books over chapter books.

This illustrated version of the first Harry Potter book is perfect for bridging the gaps and helping Sunshine enjoy the Harry Potter experience as much as her siblings have.

The Bad Guys Blu ray

The Bad Guys Blu ray

There's a lot of Sunshine's life that we haven't been a part of during the last three years. One aspect is media exposure. 

Apparently, Sunshine has watched this movie and absolutely LOVES it. We are excited to watch it with her, as we've never seen it before.  She thinks we'll love it!

American Girl Ice Skating Accessories

Sunshine owns an American Girl doll she received for Christmas last year. The one accessory set she keeps asking for is an ice skating outfit for her doll.

After reading many reviews from Amazon on different options, it appears the American Girl Doll version is the most sturdy, in that the ice skate blades don't break off easily.

Schleich Bayala Mythical Creatures Flying Winged Lion with Fairy Figures

Schleich Bayala Mythical Creatures Flying Winged Lion with Fairy Figures

Sunshine loves mythology, mystical beasts, and magical creatures. 

When she learned about this brand and group of figures, she instantly fell in love. 

I'll admit, she wants every single one available, but when asked what one is her favorite, it's most definitely the winged lion and fairy figure.

Kim-Joy's Magic Bakery: A Cooperative Baking Card Game

Kim-Joy's Magic Bakery: A Cooperative Baking Card Game

Sunshine loves playing board games and card games when they are cooperative. She thoroughly enjoys working together towards a common goal with others.

Another passion of Sunshine's is baking. She was very excited that this game combines two of her favorite things and that she's able to share those things with others.

Ravensburger Glitter Unicorn 100 Piece Puzzle

Ravensburger Glitter Unicorn 100 Piece Puzzle

Sunshine loves doing puzzles, especially when she's working on them with another person. Puzzles are out on the table at least once a week, (especially while the family is watching football). 

This particular puzzle was very attractive to Sunshine as it includes a unicorn, which is one of her favorite things right now. I have to admit, it's absolutely gorgeous!

LEGO Friends Horse Training and Trailer 41441

LEGO Friends Horse Training and Trailer 41441

As always, Sunshine continues to enjoy LEGO. 

She has asked for this particular set because it includes horses, which are very similar to unicorns, and therefore one of her favorite things.

Sunshine enjoys LEGO so much, as it provides her a lot of sensory input she seeks.

I love how this wish list reflects Sunshine's personality and interests so well. She is at such a fun developmental stage with so much excitement for the world around her.

If you have a girl in your life who has similar interests, we hope these Christmas gift ideas for girls are helpful!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

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