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The Best Card Game Recommendations for Kids

Friday Game Day is very popular in our house. Instead of engaging in our usual learning routines, we pull out a board game or card game to enjoy.

Playing games can teach so many important lessons. Even though the kids think they're not learning, they really are.

It is a well known fact that I am not a fan of board games as much as I am card games. When it's my turn to choose, everyone knows we're going to be playing cards.

Today I thought I'd share the best card game recommendations for kids in my opinion.

The Best Card Game Recommendations for Kids

The Best Card Game Recommendations for Kids

Our kids are introduced to card games when they're young and when they show interest in playing games with the family.

We always try to start out with the easiest options to ensure the experience is as positive as it can be. Mind you there's always a chance of issues when it comes to losing a game.

The Best Junior Card Games for Kids

Depending on what type of junior card game you're into, there's sure to be something that meets your needs and styles.

The Best Junior Card Games for Kids

These are our absolute favorites. Sunshine still needs some assistance with a couple of them, but the rest she's really great at.

Skip-Bo Junior Sequencing

Phase 10 Junior

Five Crowns Junior

Quiddler Junior

Clumsy Thief Junior

Uno Junior

All of our kids have found that junior card games can be just as fun as versions for older kids when the whole family can join in the fun successfully.

The Best Card Games for Children Ages 5-10

Once the kids graduate from our favorite junior card games, the move on to four others.

These games have withstood the test of time. Every single kiddo in the house has loved them!

The Best Card Games for Children Ages 5-10

These games range from a starting age of five to eight years old, but have been played by all our kids within that age frame and beyond.

Guess Who?

Sleeping Queens

Go Nuts for Donuts

Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Card Game

Now that three of our kids are older, they love a challenge and a lot of fun as they play card games. 

The Best Card Games for Preteens and Teens

We've tried and tested a lot of card games over the years with our preteens and teens. These are still our favorites and the most worn from use. Lol.

The Best Card Games for Preteens & Teens

Please note that this list does not include our favorite Harry Potter themed card games. For those you need to click HERE.

But this list does include all the rest!

Five Crowns



Spin Doctor

We hope this list gives you a few new games to try and fall in love with. 

Card games are perfect for so many occasions at home, on the road, and more!

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The Best Card Games for Kids

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