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Scripture Study Ideas for Families

Each day we make it a priority to study scriptures together as a family. 

Family scripture study has looked different and taken many forms over the years depending on the ages of our kids, but we've always found some way to make it work, because we feel it's so important.

No matter the age of your children, family scripture study time can be enjoyable for everyone without stress and behaviors.

Here are scripture study ideas for families that have worked for us over the years.

Scripture Study Ideas for Families

Scripture Study Ideas for Families

Babies & Toddlers

When our kids were tiny and unpredictable, scripture study happened as we read scripture based board books throughout the day.

Scripture study occurred at night before bed, and basically any time during the day that reading occurred. 

We always kept a basket of scripture themed board books on hand for our babies and toddlers to choose from to read.

The process was short, sweet, and simple, and exactly what our babies and toddlers could handle at the time. 

Our main goal was to prepare the environment to encourage the joy of scripture study for years to come and to always follow their lead.

Preschoolers & Elementary School Children

When our kids were preschool age, we switched from board books to paperback scripture stories with pictures. The kids enjoyed the stories and pictures immensely.

The challenge was finding the perfect time of day to ensure all could handle participating in family scripture study.  We realized a two fold approach worked best. 

Each night my husband and I would take turns reading scriptures to the kids as they ate dinner. 

The kids' hands and mouths were busy, so the scripture study was very successful. Lol.

We'd choose one story each night. Again, it was very short and simple and happened after the blessing on the food.

During this time, we also made sure that each of the kids had their own set of paperback scripture stories with pictures in their bedroom. 

Each night before their bedtime story, they would each pick a scripture story to be read to them. Eventually they would get to the point that they could read the scripture stories to us.

This special time provided opportunities for the kids to ask questions individually and to really enjoy the pictures and stories up close and personal with a parent.

When each individual child felt ready to transition to a set of scriptures without pictures, we would do so. 

If they preferred the scriptures with pictures, we kept going with them for as long as they requested them.

The kids led the way. By the end of their elementary school years, each child felt comfortable reading scripture verses aloud without struggle and had their own set of scriptures.

When it came to reading scriptures without pictures, the kids would set the pace as to how many verses were read or if we managed to complete a chapter or not. 

We would not push more than they were ready for, striving to always make scripture study a positive experience for everyone in our home.

Middle School & High School Years 

By the time all of our children were in middle school they felt comfortable with their own set of scriptures and showed interest in studying scriptures, not just reading them.

For the last two years, each morning we sit down together as a family and read the same chapter of scripture silently to ourselves. 

Once everyone is done reading the chapter, we each share our favorite verse or set of verses, and why we like them. At times the kids have questions and we discuss those as well.

There are mornings where we're looking up words in a dictionary, cross referencing scriptures and stories, and sometimes even looking at maps, etc.

Family scripture study can last as little as 15 minutes. Other times it can extend to 45 minutes depending on what we're discussing. As always, we just follow the kids' lead.

These scripture study sessions each morning with our kids have been absolutely amazing. Their thoughts and contributions are so inspiring. 

I have watched their understanding of scripture concepts grow in leaps and bounds. They are so touched by the words of Jesus Christ and his prophets.

So many important topics have come up during scripture study that otherwise wouldn't, because we're pausing to talk about feelings together each day.

The daily experience is wonderful, so long as the kids have had breakfast first!

Families with Multiple Ages

Our three older children are spaced seventeen months and eleven months apart, so technically, they're all pretty much at the same age in our minds. 

But then Sunshine came along. She's two and half years younger than Princess. 

Sunshine was not ready to transition to a set of scriptures without pictures when her siblings were. She can't read. They can.

The older kids were definitely ready to progress beyond scripture stories with pictures, before Sunshine was.

So what did we do?

We followed the kids yet again, to ensure that everyone enjoys family scripture study.

In the mornings when the older kids are participating in their chapter studies, Sunshine has a basket full of scripture picture books, paper, crayons, church coloring books, and her own set of scriptures to use in whatever ways she likes so long as she doesn't disturb others. 

She listens to what we are discussing, and asks to join in when she has something to say. 

Depending on the day, she will ask for help reading a scripture from the chapter we're studying as well. 

Most often she adds her testimony to the theme of our discussions, which is pretty adorable.

Whether she can read or not, she's hearing the scripture study and immersed in scripture themed activities. 

Then at bedtime, my husband and I continue her scripture stories with pictures individually. 

We progress at her pace, helping her learn to read as we go. And then when she's ready, she'll join our discussions.

There are so many different ways to make studying scriptures a pleasant time for your family each day while following the lead of your children at the same time, no matter their age.

The scripture study ideas we have shared in this post are those that work best for us. You may be inspired to try something else. If so, and it works, be sure to tell us about it!

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Scripture Study Ideas for Families

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