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Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

I can't believe how quickly Christmas is coming! Usually I have my Christmas shopping at least half way done by now, but this year not so much.

Today Princess finally finalized her wish list with her top twelve requests. I decided to share her list in case anyone else is looking for gift ideas for 12 year old girls!

This year we're officially out of the toy phase. It's definitely an adjustment, but I have to admit, I really like  a lot of the items on her list. I love watching Princess turn into a young woman. It has been such a magical experience.

Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls

To some this list may seem kind of random.  One of the coolest things about Princess is that she loves so many different things. 

She is the girl who plays football and Xbox with her brothers and then later writes and draws in her room, listening to music and singing, while waiting for the cookies she just baked cool in the kitchen.

You will note her wish list reflects this.

Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: Madeleine Pans

1. Madeleine Pans

Princess loves to cook and bake in the kitchen.  In one of her cookbooks there is a recipe for madeleines that she's dying to try out.  She needs the pans in order to do this.  This item has been on her list for months. 

Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: Water Color Paint Set

2. Water Color Paint Set

One of the many things Princess wants to do when she grows up is become an artist.  This year she has been practicing her drawing and wants to expand to water colors.  I'm super excited to watch her try something new with her art.

Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

3. Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

This book was on Princess' reading list last year. She absolutely fell in love with it and desperately wants a copy of her own. I'm sure the library will appreciate her having her own copy as well, so she doesn't keep checking their copy out over and over again.

Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: Pink Binoculars

4. Pink Binoculars

Princess is one of the very few in the house who doesn't have her own set of binoculars.  They're a big deal around here as we have a lot of wildlife to admire and gaze at. I love that Princess chose a pink pair as that is most definitely her!  

Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: Dear Evan Hansen Blu-ray

5. Dear Evan Hansen Blu-ray

I am a huge fan of Dear Evan Hansen. Because of this, Princess has listened to the soundtrack several times.  She absolutely loves it, singing every word. Princess really connects with the characters. 

When we learned a movie version of the musical was coming out, Princess instantly wanted to see it. We can't wait to finally watch it.

Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: LEGO Friends Vet Clinic Rescue Helicopter

6. LEGO Friends Vet Clinic Rescue Helicopter

I love that LEGO is a kid, teenager, and adult thing these days.  No matter a child's age, LEGO will still work. 

Princess has always been a fan of the LEGO Friends collection. This particular set has a helicopter which is pretty cool!

Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: Purple Drawing Notebooks

7. Purple Drawing Notebooks

I have never seen a child go through so many notebooks as Princess.  She uses one for writing, one for art, one for journaling, one for...  The list goes on and on.  Needless to say she's always in need of cute new notebooks.  Princess has said these notebooks will be specifically for her drawing.

Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: Clip On Earrings Set

8. Clip On Earrings Set

When Princess came to us as a foster baby, she had her ears pierced. There was a problem though. One ear was pierced too low and not even with the other.  

When Princess showed an interest in earrings a couple years ago, we went to an ear piercing shop and asked what could be done about her ears.  It was then explained that if Princess wore regular earrings there was a great chance they'd rip right through her ear lobe. 

Instead it was recommended that she wear clip ons.

Since then Princess loves finding new clip on earrings she can wear. This set particularly grabbed her attention.

Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: Bare Minerals Lipstick Set

9. Bare Minerals Lipstick Set

This past year, Princess has shown an interest in make up. Like me, she has a lot of allergies to cosmetic products. Thank goodness for bare Minerals and their wonderful line of vegan allergy friendly products that work.

For Christmas Princess wants to build up her make up collection so she has a variety of everything to choose from, including lipstick.

Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

10. Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Princess is in desperate need of some new headphones. She has had two sets of child sized one this year that busted quite easily. It's time to move on to real adult headphones. Of course, just like everything else, Princess wants pink ones!

Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: Pink XBox One Controller

11. Pink XBox One Controller

As I mentioned earlier, Princess loves to play Xbox with her brothers. The problem is Dad loves to play too. There are only three controllers. To solve this problem, Princess has decided to ask for her own pink controller. This way everyone can play together.

Gift Ideas for 12 Year Old Girls: Catan Board Game Expansion for 5-6 Players

12. Catan Board Game Expansion for 5-6 Players

Everyone is now old enough to join family game night, which means we're needing to expand as many games as we can to allow for five players. This way everyone can play together.

Settlers of Catan is a game everyone loves. Princess is super excited to know that no one will be left out with this expansion.

We hope you enjoyed Princess' wish list aka gift ideas for 12 year old girls. 

I love that all of the gifts on this list are affordable and will work with most budgets. 

Happy shopping!

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