Family Wish Lists

When it comes to gifts for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions, I don't know what we'd do without our Family Wish Lists.  They are such a huge help.  Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends love them.

Each of our kiddos have a variety of special needs that can make gift giving an incredible challenge.  Some have autism which comes with extremely narrow and specific obsessions.  One has a life threatening allergy to adhesives which impacts the types of toys he can play with.  Two of our children have significant behaviors and destructive tendencies.  

Gift ideas for everyone in the family

Finding the perfect gift for our kiddos can be incredibly challenging and at times frustrating.  When the kiddos were little and relatives were asking for help with ideas, we found the easiest way to help them was to create a wish lists for each member of our family.  We've done this ever since!

There are so many fabulous gift ideas in the lists below.  So much effort is put into making these lists the best they can be.  The kiddos make their own lists and then we window shop for other items they may think they like and want to include.  Finally I put them together on the blog for easy access.  Enjoy!  Lists are organized by year.


Gift Ideas for 10 Year Old Boys


Gift Ideas for DadHome Decor Gift Ideas for Mom Non Toy Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Boys Non Toy Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Boys Non Toy Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls Gift Ideas for Aggressive Kids who Rage


Gift Ideas for Dad Gift Ideas for Moms Gift Ideas for 8 and 9 Year Old Boys Gift Ideas for 6 and 7 Year Old Boys Gift Ideas for 6-8 Year Old Girls Montessori-inspired Gift Ideas for Tots and Preschoolers
Gift ideas for everyone in the family

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