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Black Lives Matter

After George Floyd's death and the events that have followed, I've found myself reflecting on various aspects of my own life.

How have I shown that black lives matter to me?

How have my husband and I taught our children that black lives matter to us?

What can we do better?

And then we took the question to our children.

How are they showing that black lives matter to them?

As a family we took inventory of our actions past and present.

We discussed ways in which we could improve our support for black lives in the future.

Over the past week, we have already begun moving forward with those changes.

No one can say that they have no room for improvement in their lives regarding the black lives matters movement.

However, I am pleased to say that we as a family have always felt that black lives matter.  (This is not to say we can't increase our show of support.  We can and we will.)

Every Star Is Different strives to show that black lives matter with each and every printable we create.

Each year we make further improvements and adjustments to ensure that we are showing that every child matters no matter their race, ethinicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

We are not afraid to stand with minorities that fight for the freedoms that should be given equally to all.

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