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Place Values Printable Pack (12 Days of FREE Christmas Printables)

Understanding place values can be a tricky thing.  There's so much to understand and remember. Even when a child masters the skill, if they don't practice it often, the knowledge can be forgotten.

Because there is so much to learn and remember, some children struggle to grasp place value concepts. This can slow their math journey tremendously.  

Montessori materials can help significantly in this process, but even then there are some skills that can be overlooked.  When it comes time to dive into more difficult math skills, gaps become apparent and need to be filled in.

For all of these reasons and more, I created the Place Values Printable Pack as part of the 12 Days of FREE Christmas Printables

Place Values Printable Pack (12 Days of FREE Chistmas Printables)

Place Values Printable Pack

The FREE Montessori Place Values Printable Pack provides three different ways to practice place values.  

Place Value Chart & Numbers

The first resource is a Place Value Chart.  Cut out the numbers that correspond with the chart (on the very next page) and have students practice writing them, placing the numbers in the correct place value boxes.  If you would like students to write out numbers in expanded notation, there is plenty of room to do that.

I have created more than enough number cards to use for the chart so that students aren't writing the same numbers over and over again.  

In our classroom we laminate the chart and have kiddos use erasable white board markers.

Place Values: Words to Numbers

The second activity provides students the opportunity to practice reading numbers written in words. Students are then expected to write them in number form in the space provided.

We laminate these cards and use erasable white board markers so they can be used again and again, saving paper.

Controls are provided so children can check their own work independently.

Place Values: Numbers to Words

The third and final activity provides students the opportunity to write out numbers in words, to match the number given on each card.

Students must have a knowledge of place value vocabulary and know how to write and spell the words in order to complete this activity. Controls are provided as an extra support.

Once again, in our classroom we laminate these cards so they can be used again and again.

Printables are designed to correspond to Montessori materials.  If you have the materials available, their use is recommended.

If you don't have Montessori materials, they are not necessary.  

If you're not using a Montessori approach, you are more than welcome to print resources in black and white and they work for everyone!

FREE Montessori Place Values Printable Pack

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12 Days of FREE Christmas Printables: Place Values Printable Pack

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