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Montessori-inspired Arachnid Activities for Preschoolers with Free Printable

As we get  closer to Halloween we've decided to study spiders.  

Boy oh boy is Sunshine having fun with her new Montessori-inspired Arachnid Activities for Preschoolers.  You'll also love that they come with a new free printable!

I love that all of the images you'll see in this post are true to life.  

Sunshine can be frightened easily by spiders.  We designed these activities to help her work through some of those fears.  Spiders can be absolutely fascinating if we take a moment to learn about them. There are so many different kinds!

Montessori-inspired Arachnid Activities for Preschoolers with FREE Printable

The activities in this blog post are part of the Montessori-inspired Arachnids and Sea Spiders Printable Pack with the exception of the free printable.

Montessori-inspired Arachnids and Sea Spiders Printable Pack

Montessori-inspired Arachnid Activities for Preschoolers


S is for Spider
S is for Spider Do-a-Dot Printable

Whether you're working on letter sounds or looking for ways to develop fine motor skills, do-a-dot printables are fantastic.

In this activity Sunshine practices using tweezers to transfer tiny spiders onto the dots.  It was a little more difficult than she anticipated but she did a great job.

S is for Spider Tweezing Activity

There is also an S is for Scorpion Do-a-dot page included in the Montessori-inspired Arachnids and Sea Spiders Printable Pack.  I found these little spiders at my local Walmart in the Halloween table decor section.

Spider Web Letter Writing
Spider Web Letter Writing Activity in Print and Cursive

A few kiddos at our co-op are struggling to remember how to write their letters.  Some are writing in print while others are working on cursive.  I created these books to help them with letter formation.

Spider Web Letter Practice

There is a control book for upper and lowercase print and cursive letters as well as blank pages for writing practice.

Sunshine loved using one of the books. She didn't want to stop until she had finished an entire book.


Skip Counting by 8s
Spider Skip Counting by 8s Activity

Spiders have eight legs. We thought it would be fun to introduce, work on, and/or review counting by 8s with our kiddos.

Sunshine's not quite ready for this activity yet, so Princess stepped in to help me show you how it works.

Skip Counting by 8s with Spider Cards

The kiddos use the skip counting cards and Montessori math bead bars to count by 8s all the way through 96.


Life Cycle of a Spider
Life Cycle of a Spider Activity and Printable

This may be my favorite preschool activity included in the arachnids printable pack.  There are so many life cycle of a spider printables out there but they're all drawings.  None include real life images of what the cycle looks like.

This one does!

Life Cycle of a Spider Activity with Control

Sunshine loved putting her life cycle together using the control provided.  

The printable pack also includes life cycle nomenclature cards if you want to work on sequencing or vocabulary terms.

Spiders vs. Sea Spiders Sort
Spider versus Sea Spider Sort

When studying arthropods we learned that spiders and sea spiders are in the same group.  We thought it would be fun to sort out these creatures so we all understood what they are and what they look like.  

Sorting spiders and sea spiders

Sunshine found this activity fascinating. She didn't know there was such a thing as sea spiders.  The cards were great for her to use. She loved finding the words "sea" and "spider" to successfully sort them.


Sorting Arachnids by Habitat
Arachnids by Habitat Sort

We know that spiders can be found all over the world, so studying spiders by continent doesn't really make sense.  But, most spiders have a preference about their living conditions. Some like the desert. Some like forests. Others like caves.

Sorting Arachnids by Habitats

In this activity kiddos sort out which spiders prefer which habitats.  Sunshine wasn't home when I was taking these photos so Princess stepped in to help me out.  She really enjoyed this activity as well.  It's great for both preschool and elementary students alike.

Studying arachnids and sea spiders can be so fascinating any time of year.  If you don't already have a copy of the  Montessori-inspired Arachnids and Sea Spiders Printable Pack I highly suggest you do so.  

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FREE Montessori-inspired Spider Nomenclature Cards

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Montessori-inspired Arachnid Activities for Preschoolers with FREE Printable

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