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Montessori-inspired Squirrel Gifts Ideas and Classroom Resources for Children

Squirrels are such a fun animal to study during the fall season, especially when you incorporate acorns into activities and learning.  

They also make for a great fall classroom theme.  And we all know how much fun it is to decorate a classroom to match a special theme.

Sunshine has been obsessed with squirrels for quite some time.  It only made sense to share our favorite Montessori-inspired squirrel gift ideas and classroom resources for children.  

Montessori-inspired Squirrel Gift Ideas and Classroom Resources for Children

Montessori-inspired Squirrel Gift Ideas and Classroom Resources for Children

Schleich Eating Squirrel Figure
Sunshine loves her squirrel figure. She actually has two.  They are super cute and work perfectly with other Schleich figures.

Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game
My kiddos adored this game.  They played it over and over and over again until they grew out of it.  (So so so sad.)  I love that this game encourages the practice of fine motor skills and colors.

Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Card Game
I honestly had no idea until they made this list that a card version of this game existed.  How fun to have with you when you're on the go, or for a kiddo who can't get enough of playing card games!

Janod Nutty Ball Track
This is just so adorable and beautifully made.  If I had a little one still, you can bet I'd have this set up in our Montessori-inspired play area.

SmartGames Squirrel Go Nuts!
Princess loves brain teaser games.  This one is perfect for her.  I just love the fall theme and can't wait to make it available on our shelves.

Excellerations Tree and Squirrel Blocks
Bulldozer has and probably always will love blocks.  We've collected many sets over the years.  This one is perfect for the autumn season and includes two wooden squirrels for extra fun.

Squirrel Confetti
For every season I have a collection of table scatter/confetti to use for tweezing activities, sensory bins, and table decor.  It's a staple in our home.

Montessori-inspired Squirrel and Acorn Gift Ideas and Classroom Resources for Children

Welcome to the World of Squirrels
Such a great true to life picture book to include at home or at school with great information to learn and enjoy.

Squirrel and Acorn Cookie Cutters
Cookie cutters can be so versatile.  They can be used to bake or incorporated in play dough activities.  We've also used them for painting and stamping.

Mazing Squirrel and Acorn Wooden String Toy
Whether encouraging practice of hand and eye coordination or working on fine motor skills, this is a great resource to have at home or in the classroom.

Because of an Acorn
This children's book has the most beautiful illustrations describing the ecosystem and how it works, starting with an acorn.

Learning Resources Alphabet Acorns Activity Set
This activity set provides endless opportunities for learning, whether using the acorns alone, or with the treasures inside.  Such a perfect resource when learning first letter sounds.

Wooden Acorns Counting & Sorting Kit
For those who prefer natural materials in the classroom, this is a must have.  Just imagine all of the fun counting and sorting activities.

Artificial Acorns
If real acorns aren't available where you are, you may want to consider picking up a bag of these!  They work great for all sorts of learning activities.

I just love filling our home and learning environment with seasonal treasures to enjoy.  The kiddos get so excited about them.

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