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5 Christmas Dinner and a Movie Ideas for Families

As you know our family is big on Christmas movies.  

We love to count down the days until Christmas, watching one movie each night until the big day arrives.  

Dinner always goes fantastically well with a movie, especially during the holiday season.

On Fridays, we combine dinner and a movie to make things extra special! 

Christmas traditions are loved by all in our home.

5 Christmas Dinner and a Movie Ideas for Families

At first this was a couple's affair.  My husband and I would wait until the kids went to sleep, and cuddle on the couch sharing a candy cane while watching our movie by Christmas lights.

That was until our kids started getting older and wanted to join us.  Then it became a family affair.  

The problem was they wanted a special treat for each and every movie night and well...  

As much as I love Christmas cookies and other desserts, I don't enjoy putting on an extra ten pounds during the holiday season.  So we struck a compromise.

The five Fridays between Thanksgiving and Christmas we have our Christmas Dinner and a Movie Nights.  

We select Christmas movies that are appropriate for everyone in the family and prepare a special dinner to go along with each movie.  

Our kids absolutely love this new tradition.  The adults love it too!

Each dinner and a movie are meant to compliment each other.  

Our kids love how each one corresponds to the movie that we're watching.  

Sometimes take-out is part of the plan.  Other times we make everything homemade. It depends on our schedules and ambitions on each particular night.

5 Christmas Dinner and a Movie Ideas for Families

The Santa Clause Dinner and a Movie

1. The Santa Clause with Left Overs from Thanksgiving Dinner or food from Denny's

Whether you're eating a turkey dinner or settling for Denny's, the movie sets the scene perfectly.  

Turkey dinners are definitely the main meal here.  

And if you're in a generous mood you can always add the perfect cup of hot cocoa for dessert.

Home Alone Dinner and a Movie

2. Home Alone with Pizza

Everyone enjoys a cheese pizza just for them.  

It won't matter if you make homemade pizzas at home or order take out, so long as there's enough for everyone.  

If you'd like to add a dessert an ice cream sundae bar is the perfect choice.

Elf Dinner and a Movie

3. Elf with Spaghetti

You may want to pass on the maple syrup but spaghetti is a perfect dinner to serve while watching this holiday comedy.  

For those who want dessert too, anything with sugar will do, but of course Elf themed cookies are always fun.

The Christmas Story Dinner and a Movie

4. The Christmas Story with Chinese Food

Chinese may seem like the last meal one would eat during the Christmas season, but when watching this movie, it's the only option. 

That is, unless you like boiled cabbage or meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  Add a glass of Ovaltine and you're all set!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Dinner and a Movie

5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas with "Roast Beast"

I'll always remember how this movie inspired Bulldozer to want a real Christmas feast when he was old enough to know what one was.  

In our house "roast beast" is a ham dinner, but in your home it may be a pot roast, turkey, or chicken.  

Whichever it is, the meal goes along perfectly with this movie night and definitely brings in the spirit of the holiday.

Now I've mentioned in our home we use these for Friday night movie nights, but they can be done any time during the holiday season.  

If you're looking for a low key family night during the holiday season, nothing is as simple as the ideas listed above.  

Everyone needs to eat dinner.

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