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10+ Ways to Teach Land and Water Forms

I'm about to introduce land and water forms for the fourth time.  I've created and used several Montessori-inspired land and water form printables over the years, which you can download for free at any time.  
All of them have been used in conjunction with fabulous and free Land and Water Cards from Montessori By Mom.

But this year we're varying things up a bit to help those who haven't quite grasped concepts in the past, and also to help those who don't learn the same way that older siblings do.  

In my search for great ideas I came across 10+ Ways to Teach Land and Water Forms.  They are absolutely amazing and sure to be a hit.  I just had to share them with you.

10+ Ways to Teach Land and Water Forms

10+ Ways to Teach Land and Water Forms

1. Hands-On Learning on Land and Water Forms from The Pinay Homeschooler 

This looks like so much fun!  I love how vehicles are incorporated into the work.  The printable that goes along with the activity looks amazing as well.

2. Teaching Land and Water Forms from The Pinay Homeschooler 

This activity once again uses vehicles to teach land and water forms in a different way.  Such a fabulous activity for those who learn best with objects and textures!

3. Land & Water Forms from The Helpful Garden 

This is a link to fabulous free printables to download.  There is such a variety of options depending on the needs of your child.

4. Learning About Landforms from Around the Kampfire 

This site seems like the ultimate land and water form immersion project that ties in several different subject areas and helps a child develop so many different skills.  I love this idea for my kiddos who have a one track mind related to dinosaurs or Star Wars.

5. Ocean Theme Fun! from Discovery Moments 

This site includes a picture of a land form activity where rocks are used.  What an easy and fabulous way to create land.  No salt dough or clay needed!

6. Super Teacher Worksheets 

This site has some fabulous printables.  I really like the one that includes cutting and gluing as part of the activity.  My kiddos always seem to need extra practice with those skills.

7. Learning About Land and Water Formations-Montessori Outdoor Explorations from Montessori Nature 

This site introduces a wonderful way to learn about land and water formations at the beach!  If you have a child who loves being outside and you have a beach nearby, this may be the perfect way to teach land and water forms.

8. Crayola 

This site provides instructions for a fabulous land and water form art project that includes cutting, gluing, textured paper, etc.  The final product looks amazing!

9. Life At Sea Week III: Pirates from Every Star Is Different 

This blog post includes a great land and water form activity using felt cut outs.  This works great when you have limited space, and also when you have a child who may not be the safest with materials.

10. As I was looking on Pinterest I saw a photo of Land and Water Form Cupcakes using blue and green colored cake batter.  Sadly it had no link. 

 However, I wanted to be sure to mention it here because if there's one way to help two of my kiddos learn a concept it's to make cupcakes.  I'm guessing Land and Water Form Pancakes would also be an option with this activity.

Land and Water Form Resources

Other Land and Water Form Resources

If you're looking for more resources when teaching about land and water forms, be sure to check out the list of materials below!

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10+ Ways to Teach Land and Water Forms


  1. What is that first picture from? The top left corner of the first image...

    1. It's the art work from Crayola. The link to it is in the post. :)