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Special Needs Event Planner (Free Printable)

Special needs or neurodiverse children do not do well with surprise events, especially when it means a change in their usual routines.  

When life presents opportunities for fun events, planning together as a family is crucial.  If a special needs or neurodiverse child knows what to expect in advance, there's a better chance for a successful experience.

In our home, planning for events as a family takes place on a regular basis.  

We have it down to a science after many years of balancing the multiple needs of our children.  

Today we're sharing our Special Needs Event Planner with you and giving it to you as a special subscribers only free printable.

Special Needs Event Planner

Special Needs Event Planner

The planner is to be used by parents to prepare for family discussions of upcoming events.  

It can also be used as a visual cue for children who are able to read and write, in preparation for a special occasion.

Now that my kids are teenagers, they can grab a copy of the printable and use it when asking friends about events they're invited to.

The goal is to fill out each box in the printable while discussing the event in detail.  

Once completed, everyone will know all the details needed to successfully participate or decide not to attend.

There are two versions of the Special Needs Event Planner.

The first version says "Special Needs" on, like shown in the images in this post. When the kids were young, I liked that this planner said that because it distinguished the planner from others planners I used.

Now that the kids are older, I've created an Option 2 version of this resource that only says, "Event Planner." This way my teenagers aren't hesitant to use it no matter what.

Special Needs Event Planner Directions

1. Fill in the first row of boxes with the name of the event, date it occurs, and it's location.

2. Write in the times for when the event starts, ends, and how long it will take to get there and back.  Be sure to explain if the event will take place during the day, or at night.

3. Describe the event in detail, listing the activities that will take place, in order if possible. You may need to contact the host/hostess for this information.

4. List food and drink options.  If you know your child will refuse food offered, you can list what foods your child can bring.

5. Explain how many people will be there and describe them.  Will family or friends be in attendance?  Are strangers going to be there?  Children?  Be as specific as you can.

6. How loud will the event be?  Is there music?  Is your child expected to be quiet?

7. Does the event take place indoors or will you be outside?

8. Is there a theme?  Perhaps it's a birthday party or holiday celebration?

9. Will there be decorations?  What will they look like.  Can your child touch them?

10. What will your child need to wear?  Is the occasion casual or dressy?

11. Lastly, what expectations do you have for your child during the event?  How do you want them to behave?  Will they be required to participate in all activities?  Are they expected to socialize?  Don't hesitate to be extremely specific in this section.

Over time you will notice that this event planner is not only a life saver for your child, but also for you when preparing for special family occasions.  

It reduces stress, anxiety, meltdowns, triggers and so much more!

How to Receive Your Copy of the Special Needs Event Planner Option 1 or Option 2

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We hope you enjoy your free printable.

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Special Needs Event Planner

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