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Gift Ideas for Aggresive Kids Who Rage

One of the biggest challenges we face around holidays and birthday time is what to give Sunshine.  Behaviors related to her Reactive Attachment Disorder, PTSD, autism, and a mood disorder can become quite extreme and usually involve physical aggression and raging.  If she doesn't destroy something, it can turn into a weapon at a moment's notice.

This set of gift ideas for aggressive kids who rage was created for Sunshine after asking her what she'd like most this holiday season.  The items are safe for her and those around her, if caught in the cross fire.

We know Sunshine's behaviors are not her fault.  They are a result of genetics and horrible circumstances in the past.  As her parents, we work extremely hard to help her, in hopes that behaviors will improve in the future. We want nothing more than for our little girl to be happy and healthy in every way.

Gift ideas for aggressive kids who rage.
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Here's Sunshine's newest wish list!
Cloth book gift ideas.

Sunshine loves books.  She always has.  Sadly, she also enjoys shredding them to pieces and throwing them at walls and doors when struggling.  We've had to remove books from her reach for these reasons.

A few months back, as I was researching items for a project, I came across cloth books for babies and toddlers. I realized that these would be the perfect solution for Sunshine.  She can't shred them.  If she does throw them, they won't hurt anyone or anything.  It was also a bonus that Amazon had some of her favorite titles.

Melissa & Doug Soft Activity Book-What Should I Wear (Purchased)

Are You My Mother? (Purchased)

The Cat in the Hat (Purchased)

Goodnight Moon (Purchased)

Sleepy Bunny Pink Book

Melissa & Doug Soft Activity Book-Whose Feet?

Baby doll and accessory gift ideas.

I can not remember a time when Sunshine hasn't been obsessed with babies.  She goes nuts over them.  Her most prized toy is Baby Stella.  She has had her since she was one year old.  Baby Stella is soft and very durable.  She still looks as good as new.

We have several accessories for Baby Stella including her bathtubpotty, and bed.  All have withstood the test of time and Sunshine's destructive tendencies.  They're soft and no matter what she does with them, everyone is safe.  Have I mentioned these items are also absolutely adorable?

This year Sunshine has asked for friends for her Baby Stella.  Truth be told, she only has one doll.  She's also asked for more accessories and clothes.  These items were picked out by her.  I love how specific she is about what she'd like.

We've tried our fair share of baby doll accessories in the past, and let me tell you, if there's a way to destroy it, Sunshine will find a way.  But these..  They're soft and so well made.  Sunshine loves them!

Baby Stella (Purchased)

Baby Stella Feeding Set (Purchased)

Baby Stella Chillin Outfit (Purchased)

Baby Stella Snow Day (Purchased)

Baby Stella Diaper Bag Changing Set (Purchased)

Baby Stella Ballerina Outfit (Purchased)

Puppet gift ideas for kids.

Puppets can be so much fun, especially when you have your own puppet theater!  Jason and I researched a lot of options out there and ultimately decided a fabric theater hung in a doorway would be the safest way for Sunshine to be successful during play.

The puppets selected on her wish list were chosen because of their quality, but also because they have no button eyes or noses.  Sunshine is notorious for pulling them out of any stuffed animals or toys she has.  With these, we won't have to worry.

Little Red Riding Hood Glove Puppet (Purchased)

Grandma Glove Puppet (Purchased)

Wolf Glove Puppet (Purchased)

Princess Glove Puppet (Purchased)

Frog Glove Puppet (Purchased)

Doorway Puppet Theater

Lilo and Stitch gift ideas for kids.

When it comes to Disney characters, Stitch is Sunshine's favorite hands down, and has been for several years. The funny thing is, when we first started the diagnosis process with her, the best and most accurate way to describe Sunshine, was to say she was like Stitch.  The two were meant for each other.

When we stumbled upon all of these great Lilo and Stitch finds, and showed Sunshine, her face lit up so quickly.  I don't even know which items she liked best.  She wants them all.

DVD: Stitch Has a Glitch (Purchased)

Disney's Lilo & Stitch Angel Plush (Purchased)

Stitch Costume Size 7/8 (Purchased)

Stitch Striped Tee for Girls Size 7/8

Stitch PJ Pals for Girls Size 8 (Purchased)

Stitch Journal Set

Clothing and accessory gift ideas for kids.
Sunshine is very much our clothes and accessories girl.  The more she can wear at one time the better.  Recently, she's grown out of the apron she has at home, as well as her clothes.

Sunshine has made it known she'll wear nothing but dresses this winter, and so we've been scrambling to find dresses with matching leggings to keep her warm.

While clothes shopping this week at Gap, she picked out a beautiful quilted vest and said she had to have it.  Thankfully, she could care less where the vest comes from, as long as it's similar to the one she saw.

This past summer, Sunshine fell in love with swimming.  As long as she wears a life jacket she can be safe in the water.  Unfortunately, she doesn't have one of her own.  We're all hoping she receives one for Christmas as we have a family membership to the YMCA, where she can go swimming often.

And we can't forget the backpack.  Sunshine has said she needs another one.  Apparently, this one is to be used at home, while the other is to be used for outside the home.  Only she knows just how important it is to be wearing a backpack at all times filled with her favorite treasures.

Life Jacket

Puppy Backpack (Purchased)


Cold Control Life Quilted Vest (Purchased)

Flower Garden Girls Novelty T-Shirt Dress Size 7/8

Bright Teaberry Ankle Leggings Size 7/8

Physical activity gift ideas for kids.
One way we've learned to battle aggression is to keep Sunshine active, in safe ways, as often as we can.  She loves (and needs) to be physical.  The ideas in this section can be used outdoors and indoors when needed.  They will provide her with some much needed sensory input as well!

Multi Color Rhythm Scarves (Purchased)

Play Parachute Size 10' (Purchased)

Foam Big Blocks 7-Piece Set

Gymnastics Mat

Indoor/Outdoor Flexible Cone Set

Twister Hopscotch (Purchased)

Bedding gift ideas for kids.

Due to Sunshine's developmental delays and medication, she still wears a diaper at night.  Unfortunately, she often wets through it.  We are washing her bedding multiple times a week.  Sunshine is in desperate need of some extra bedding, as she only has one waterproof mattress pad, one quilt, one set of summer sheets, and one set of flannel sheets.

Fortunately, Sunshine loves blankets, pillows, etc.  She is very excited to receive these items as gifts.  Sunshine's receiving a new quilt from Mommy and Daddy for Christmas, that's displayed in the collage above.  We're not picky about where the sheets and other bedding come from as long as they keep the same color scheme.

Organic Pin Dot Twin Sheet Set

Daisy Garden Quilted Standard Sham

Solid Pink Flannel Twin Sheet Set

Fitted Quilted Mattress Twin Mattress Pad

Standard Pillow Set of 2

Waterproof Standard Pillow Case

Sunshine is so excited about her wish list this year.  She's so proud that she was able to help us with it.  Though her behaviors may be difficult, she's still the sweetest little girl in the world.  We love that we can still help her have fun and enjoy life, despite such difficult circumstances.

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