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Montessori-inspired Backyard Bird Activities

My kiddos have a horrible time keeping their senses regulated outside.  There's just something about the fresh air that makes them crazy. Bulldozer's outdoor experience is even more challenging because of his severe environmental allergies and sensitivities to heat.

As my husband and I contemplated what to do with our backyard in order to create a space that was inviting and calming to the kiddos, we decided to create a Montessori-inspired space with specific sensory activities that would appeal to our kiddos.

Today I share with you the first completed phase of our plans.  The kiddos are so excited about it!  Jason and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.  Check out our Montessori-inspired backyard bird activities!
Montessori-inspired Backyard Bird Activities
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Our Montessori-inspired backyard bird area and activities are located under the walnut tree in the backyard.  You'll notice a Squirrel Buster Peanut Plus Wild Bird Feeder, Brome 1016 Squirrel Buster Finch Feeder, hammock, and bird bath.  A basket of materials is also provided as an invitation to bird themed activities that invoke the senses.  Here's what it includes:

1. Bushnell Falcon 7x35 Binoculars are perfect for kiddos who are ready to use real binoculars as opposed to toy ones.  They are just the right size, not too big, and not too heavy.  Including binoculars as part of our Montessori-inspired backyard bird activities provides opportunities for kiddos to obtain visual sensory input they may need of while outside.

2. The National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America is great to have on hand and works as a control when bird watching outdoors.  There's nothing more frustrating than seeing a bird and not knowing what it is.  All of the kiddos enjoy this book in one way or another, whether it be for the pictures or facts.
3.  The mini Bird Journal is the perfect pocket size book to record all of your bird sightings and discoveries.  Kiddos write the date, location, name and description of the birds they see.  There's also a place for more notes if desired.  Dinomite has already put this to great use.

4. Twig Graphite Pencils are paired with the mini bird journal to encourage the writing process and provide tactile sensory input for those who desire it.  Some of our kiddos love these pencils.  Dinomite however does not.  He does not enjoy the feel of them and actually changes his pencil grasp to accommodate while using them.  (Can you guess he's super sensitive to tactile input?)
5. A Spiral Bound Artist Drawing Pad/Sketch Journal is provided for the kiddos who aren't comfortable writing about birds in the bird journal, or for those times when you just feel like drawing birds.

6. Twig Assorted Colored Pencils are provided for drawing and coloring birds in the sketch journal.  All but Dinomite enjoy these.  There have definitely been a few heated debates as to who can use them first.  
7. The Audubon Bird Call is everyone's favorite item in our basket of backyard bird activities.  I must admit it's pretty amazing.  Kiddos push down and twist the red knob to mimic bird calls they're hearing in the yard. When they do it correctly, they're extremely excited to see birds come to the yard and/or respond to the call.  Though perfecting different calls can take time, the process of using the bird call is a fabulous fine motor activity for little hands.  All of our kiddos really enjoy it!  
Sunshine does not like the feel of grass touching her skin, so she brought her classroom mat outside for activities.
I am so pleased with how well all four kiddos have responded to the first phase of our plan to create a Montessori-inspired backyard space.  The bird activities have been a huge success.  Kiddos are taking turns filling bird feeders when needed.  They keep the bird bath full of water, when it doesn't rain.

The best part about our new space is that it invites feelings of calm and peace as sensory needs are being met, and encourages a love and appreciation for nature and all of it's beauty.

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  1. I love this picture of the basket with a journal and wooden pencils. The kids really look like they are enjoying the set-up in your backyard. That is so cool that the birds respond to the bird call whistle.

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  8. What a fun way to learn! Thank you for stopping by the Learn & Play Link Up. This post is featured on Christian Montessori Network this week!

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