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Busy Bags for Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World & More!

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We rarely leave the house without busy bags for Sunshine and others who may need them.  Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World was no exception.  As my husband says, 

"At Disney World you always seem to be in a hurry to wait."

  Whether in line, at a restaurant, waiting for a parade or show, you can always depend on waiting while in the parks.  Here are a few simple busy bag ideas that worked for us.  Please note: some of them work better in some situations than others.  And some were used back at the hotel to pass time when our day at Hollywood Studios didn't go as planned.

Themes for each busy bag were chosen specifically based on what there is to do at Hollywood Studios.

Doc McStuffins' Book of Boo boos
This busy bag was VERY simple.  It included a washable crayon and a plain notebook from the $1 store.  While in Disney we actually ended up using washable markers instead of crayons because of the heat, but it's still the same concept.  Sunshine LOVED this busy bag.  Not only did she use it while in Hollywood Studios, but everywhere else after our day there.

Sofia the First Counting Cards with Clothespins
Sunshine LOVES fine motor tasks, so playing with Clothespins is a favorite.  Whether she decided to actually count the items on the card and clip the correct number, or just used the clothespin to clip the images on the cards, the activity worked just as well and included some of her favorite characters from one of her favorite shows.  

Source:  The free printable for this activity can be found at Over the Big Moon.

Cars Colors Book
When you have a kiddo who loves books, it's not uncommon to want to bring some with you when needed, even in Walt Disney World.  However with limited room in backpacks, and wanting to avoid any unnecessary weight, board books just aren't something I bring. Instead I create my own books using card stock and Scotch Thermal Laminating Pouches.  The book worked perfectly while waiting in line.

Source:  The free printable for this activity can be found at 1+1+1=1.

Star Wars Puzzles

Sunshine has developed a love for Star Wars after being introduced to the characters and film by her older brothers.  So while they went on a ride she wouldn't enjoy, it only made sense to bring a Star Wars activity for her to do while we wait for them.  In a perfect world, I would have created squares with two pieces of velcro, one for each side of the puzzle, so they would stick together for Sunshine, no matter what she did with them.  I'll remember this for next time.

Source:  The free printable for this activity can be found in the Star Wars Tot Pack at 3 Dinosaurs.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Character Match Up
Sunshine is a Disney Junior fan all the way.  We can't forget to include Jake in our activities!  Here Sunshine matched up character cards to Disney Jr. Jake and the Neverland Pirates Figurine Gift Play Set figures.  Other times she just played with the cards or with the figures.  This busy bag provided multiple ways to entertain.

Source:  The free printable for this activity can be found at 1+1+1=1.

Hollywood Studios Snack Breaks
It's always nice to have snacks on hand in the parks.  These are a few that I found special for our day at Hollywood Studios.  All were found at local grocery stores.

Hollywood Studios Visual Schedule
Though not a busy bag, our visual schedule for the day in Hollywood Studios was one of Sunshine's favorite things and kept her calm when things weren't quite going the way she had envisioned.  I can not stress enough how important our visual schedules were while at Disney.  This visual schedule was created using pictures of Hollywood Studios I found online. Attached with a Ring, the cards could be changed when needed.  All of the pictures had labels on them.

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  1. Some great busy bags! I love that you theme them for your holidays! <3