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In the Kitchen Science Experiments

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We have been having SO MUCH FUN this week with our In the Kitchen Unit. Dinomite has blown me away.  He is the kid who won't go near a food that smells too much or looks too weird.  To get him to taste something...  I won't go there.  Remove him from the dining room table at meal time and he's a completely different child.  

One of the favorite activities of the week is our S'mores Trail Mix Station.  All three kiddos enjoy it.
When it came time for Dinomite to try it for the first time, he decided after mixing the trail mix, he wanted to cook it on the stove top.  Excited about his enthusiasm, I went along with the idea.

Dinomite wouldn't eat the final product, only because he decided he didn't want it all to be chocolate, but I must say it was delicious.
 Princess decided she wanted to bake her mix in the oven, so we did.  Once it was out and cooled, we compared the two plates, talking about similarities and differences.
The next day, Dinomite, very enthusiastically, asked if he could try to cook his mix again, this time without chocolate chips.  He put the butter in the pot all by himself, followed by his mixture. He then added just a pinch of salt.  Wow!  I must say it was delicious.  Dinomite ate the whole thing.

Today, our third day with activities, Dinomite wanted to put everything into the pot himself.  He wanted sugar, salt, butter, and his mix.  However, he neglected to measure the salt and sugar.  Let's just say his treat was VERY salty.

I'm guessing tomorrow he'll try again. I want to try to encourage him to write down just how much salt he adds, so he can remember how to make it correctly.

The lemon and lime squeezing tray has been a big hit as well.  It's been determined that the lemons we purchased are much juicer than the limes.  
After squeezing a few lemons, Dinomite asked if we could try to make lemonade.  With my approval, he started adding 1 teaspoon of sugar at a time, mixing, and then tasting the juice.  I can not believe how many times over he tasted his lemonade, every time it being extremely sour.  He did make lemonade eventually, with A LOT of sugar and some water.  Then he decided to give it to his sister to drink.  She was thrilled.

I love it when the kiddos decide to try new things, test new theories, and push their limits!

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