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Land, Air, & Water Vehicles

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This week marks the last week of our vehicle unit.  Hooray for me!  The boys will be sad though I'm sure.  To wrap our unit up we focused on the difference between land, air, and water vehicles.  This way we could include any and all vehicles we've not talked about during the month so far.

Vehicle Spelling
I loved these letter print outs and decided to create words with one copy so the kids could match up the letters, if they weren't ready to spell the words themselves.  If they were ready to spell the words themselves, I loved that the letters had pictures on them, so they knew what letters to use for each word.

Source:  I found these printables at Homeschool Creations.

Vehicle Reading
Dinomite is doing so well with his reading, I decided to put a reading activity on the shelves.  He did so well with it!  I love having access to our local public library system!

Vehicle Patterns
All of the kids are fabulous at finishing a pattern that's already established, so I decided to go a step further and have them create their own patterns from the start.  I found the vehicle erasers at our local dollar store.  They all did a fabulous job!

Land, Air & Water Vehicle Sorting
I loved the visual concept of this activity when I saw it.  The kiddos liked it too, especially when sorting their vehicles between the three jars.  I had a blast making the vehicle cards.  There were at least six in each category.

Sources:  I found this idea at Montessori Moments.  The vehicle cards were made by me.

Coloring & Labeling Continents
Source:  I found the map at Crayola.  The continent cards are part of another activity I found at Walk Beside Me.

Practical Life:
Land, Air, & Water Vehicle Sewing Cards
Source: I found these cards at our local dollar store.

Vehicle Silly Band Tweezer Activity
This activity appeared trickier than it looked, which I loved.  The boys LOVED pulling out vehicle silly bands one by one, trying to figure out what shape they were, before transferring them into the other container.

Source:  This idea came from Counting Coconuts.

All of these activities were on our shelves simultaneously with some of our Easter activities.  Next month, in honor of Earth Day we'll be learning all about the Earth around us specifically focusing on the Creation, pollution, recycling, and endangered species. I'm super excited!

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