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St. Patrick's Day Activities

Last week and this week, I have been incorporating some St. Patrick's Day themed activities onto our shelves.  

I figured I'd share what we've been doing before the holiday is over, in hopes that someone might be able to use the ideas this year too. 

The kids are thoroughly enjoying their St. Patrick's Day Activities!

St. Patrick's Day Activities

St. Patrick's Day Activities

Word Family Match Up

Word Family Match Up

Dinomite is doing very well with his reading, however he becomes very anxious, so I wanted to find an activity where he would feel at ease and not struggle. 

He was pretty proud of himself as he read and pronounced all of the words correctly.  I'm hoping Princess and Bulldozer give this a try this week.  

The object of the activity is to match up the words on the clovers to their rainbow endings.

Source:  I found this at File Folder Fun.

Clover & Coin Addition Facts

Clover & Coin Addition Facts

I found these cute little clovers and coins at the dollar stores in our area, so I figured I'd put them together for a fun math activity.  

Last week we did our +3 facts.  This week we're doing our +4 facts.  

Bulldozer really loves this activity.  Dinomite finds it pretty easy.  Princess has just decided to use it this week and so far seems to get it.

Clover & Coin Addition Facts

I stumbled upon this cute tray at Salvation Army over the weekend and thought it perfect for this activity.  (I was using a pie plate last week.)  It's taking quite a while to build up my supply of trays and baskets but I get pretty excited when I find something that will work!

St. Patrick's Day Odd & Even Numbers

St. Patrick's Day Odd & Even Numbers

I just put this activity out on the shelves today for the week.  The kids are to place numbers 1-30 under the correct Leprechaun labels-odd or even.  

We haven't worked on odd and even numbers in a while, so I'm hoping it will be a good review.  

I'm tempted to add some coins to the tray so they can actually match up pairs to decide if the numbers are odd or even.

Source:  I found this at Home School Creations.

Polygon Popsicle Creations

St. Patrick's Day Odd & Even Numbers

From what I've read and studied, geometry falls under the Montessori sensorial category.  

I haven't dug deep into the subject, but I loved this rainbow Popsicle stick idea when I saw it.  

I know it's a stretch for St. Patrick's Day, but since rainbows are a part of the holiday, I figured it would work.  

To make sure the kids had some type of check for themselves, I only included enough of each color sticks for each shape.  The shapes are colored with the color stick the kiddos are to use.

Source: I found this idea at Counting Coconuts.

Rainbow Pom Poms Transfer

St. Patrick's Day Odd & Even Numbers

I've used this activity before a while back. I believe I was inspired by an activity I saw at Counting Coconuts, however I as unable to find the exact post.  

Basically the kids need to transfer the pom poms to the bowl using the tool provided.  I love how it works their fine motor skills and muscles.

St. Patrick's Day Sweep Up

St. Patrick's Day Sweep Up

I have been dying to try out a sweeping activity with the kids, however I haven't found a fun way to incorporate it until I saw this idea.  Inside the green cup are glittery felt table decor pieces.  

I loved how they were very easy to sweep up, it being the first time the kids have ever done an activity like this.

St. Patrick's Day Sweep Up

My biggest challenge with this activity wasn't the choice of contents, but the lack of an ability to use tape.  

Bulldozer is allergic to adhesives with the exception of Elmer's School glue.  

Every time I've seen this activity, a square is always taped off, as a gathering place for the kids to sweep their contents into, before trying to sweep into the dust pan.  

I am so thankful for washable white board markers.  It seems they are the solution to so many things. 

To solve our problem I just drew a square in our dining room (yes, I know the floor is quite old).  When we're finished I'll wash it off.

Source:  I found this activity at le vie est belle.

St. Patrick's Day Pencil Sharpening

St. Patrick's Day Pencil Sharpening

Last time we did pencil sharpening was for Valentine's Day and the kiddos loved it, or should I say Dinomite and Bulldozer. 

I never realized that Princess had never once tried the activity... Until today.  She worked so hard.  

Last week's screwdriver and nuts and bolts activities really helped her to know how to move the pencil properly.  

Besides including the pencils and sharpener in the tray, we've also now added small tiny slips of paper for the kids to test out their sharpened pencils. 

They know if it works, they've done their job!

Making Green

Making Green

We started out introducing our newest art project by reading the book, Little Blue and Little Yellow.  Can I just say this is the cutest little book to teach kiddos about how to make the color green.  

Not only was it really cute, but Bulldozer LOVED this book and asked to read it every day last week when learning time was finished.

To test out our blue and yellow makes green theory, we made four leaf clovers using blue and yellow tissue paper.

The kiddos would put a dab of glue (2 parts glue and 1 part water) on the clover with a paint brush, place a yellow or blue tissue paper on top, paint the tissue paper with glue so it was sealed to the clover, then add the other color on top, paint it again with the glue, and voila!  

There are examples of what the final projects looked like if you click on the link to the source.  Our kiddos became tired after three to four green squares.

Source:  I found this activity at To the Lesson.

Let's Make a Rainbow of Color

Let's Make a Rainbow of Color

We've been working very hard at learning our primary and secondary colors.  It's time to put our knowledge to practice.  

The kids used eye droppers to place drops of the primary colors into each of the tiny circles.  Then, they experimented with adding drops of different primary colors to discover what colors were made.  

The goal was to make the colors purple, green and orange as part of their rainbows.

Source: I found this at The Education of Ours.

The kids had so much fun with their St. Patrick's Day Activities.

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