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Summer Activities & Free Printables

Though school may technically be out for most kiddos during the summer months, it does not mean learning needs to stop.  Whether a child is learning at home, camp, or in a year round school program, these are great summer activities and free printables to use!

Summer Activities and Free Printables


Summer can be the perfect time of year to study astronomy and other aspects of the universe. The weather is warm.  Night skies are often clear.  Use these activities and free printables by day and then grab your telescope and enjoy the stars, moon, and planets at night.
Moon Activiites for Tots & Preschoolers Astronomy Unit: Planets Astronomy: Sun & Moon Astronomy Unit: Stars


Each and every day during the summer the kiddos spend time bird watching.  They can't get enough of it.  There are so many to identify and enjoy.  These bird activities and free printables are perfect to use during the summer months.
More Montessori-inspired Bird Math ActivitiesBird Unit 3Bird Unit 2


Tree branches are full of fresh green leaves.  Flowers are in full bloom.  Gardens have been planted and are full of delicious foods to eat.  If you have a chance to do a botany unit in the summer, you won't regret it!
Montessori-inspired Plant ActivitiesTree ActivitiesFruit UnitVegetable Garden UnitFlower Unit


There's nothing quite like camping in the summer time.  Even when experiences don't go as well as you hope there are still so many fabulous memories made and often laughed at over for years.  Why not try some fabulous camping activities and free printables before, during, or after your fun adventures!
Free Camping PrintablesMore Montessori-inspired Practical Life Camping Activities


I don't know what it's like where you live but there is an over abundance of insects in the summer here.  Every summer this leads to discovery, observation, and numerous bug encyclopedias being spread out all over the house.  These activities and free printables are the perfect addition to all the learning that goes on.
Insect Unit 2Insect UnitInsect Unit for Tots

Life at Sea

I was born and raised in the beautiful 1000 Islands, working at the family owned marina almost every summer growing up.  Water is in my blood.  Needless to say we've done our fair share of nautical unit studies.  Just check out all of these wonderful activities and free printables!

Note: Sharks have their own section, as there are that many shark themed activities and resources in honor of Discovery Channel's Shark Week.
Fish and Water UnitBoat Activities for Tots & PreschoolersMermaid UnitSea Turtle Activities for Tots & PreschoolersLife at Sea: Vacation EditionLife at Sea: PiratesLife At Sea Week 2Life At Sea Week 1

Pioneer Day

For many the end of July comes with a wonderful Pioneer Day celebration.  I know our summer isn't complete without one.  Check out these great pioneer themed activities and free printables!
Pioneer Busy Bags for Tots and Preschoolers


My boys look forward to Discovery Channel's Shark Week so much.  It may even trump celebrating our Independence Day.  Needless to say over the years we've built up quite a collection of shark themed learning activities and free printables.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
Shark Unit 2 Shark Activities for PreschoolersShark Practical Life ActivitiesShark UnitShark Activities for Tots and Preschoolers
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