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Montessori-inspired Fruit Unit w/ Free Printables

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Learning time, both last week and this week have been dedicated to the study of botany.  I LOVE that Montessori focuses on this area of science.  We've studied flowers, vegetables, and finally we're introducing fruit activities to our shelves.  The kiddos are loving every minute they spend working on activities.  Bulldozer came downstairs tonight to tell me that his LEGO Star Wars guys have taken a break from battles to plant a garden.  My heart melted.  Princess continues to ask questions, usually about how fruits and vegetables grow.  When I showed her our newest Fruit Plant Match Up she jumped in delight. Dinomite, who doesn't touch foods he doesn't care for (which includes all fruits and vegetables), actually decided to try the watermelon balling activity today, and touched the melon with his fingers!  Our fruit activities are simple, but there are so many variations and sensory experiences to each activity.  Here's what we're doing:

Fruit Plant Match Up
The kiddos will match up fruit plants to their corresponding fruits.  This can be done as a game or just a simple match up.  I'm also hoping that questions will lead to a discussion about fruits that grow on trees versus vines, etc.  A great sorting activity could be easily accomplished using these cards.

Source:  I created the printable for this activity as part of my Fruit Unit Printable Pack 1.  For you free copy, click on the link located at the bottom of this post.

Life Cycle of  a Peach/Nectarine
We've studied the life cycle of a pumpkin and an apple.  I decided it was time to introduce another type of plant.  Welcome to the life cycle of a peach/nectarine!  The photos are stunning and are numbered as a control for the kiddos.

Source:  I created this printable as part of my Fruit Unit Printable Pack 1.  For your free copy, click on the link at the bottom of this post.

Searching for Seeds
Every day during our unit, the kiddos are given the opportunity to select our fruit tray, used for discovery and exploration.  The kiddos will examine the fruit using a magnifying glass and various tools, finding seeds, etc. At the same time the kiddos will be given the opportunity to touch, smell, and taste various fruits.

Squeezing Citrus Juice
All fruits have juice in them.  Studying fruit provides the perfect time to practice squeezing citrus fruits.  You never know, a seed may fall out as juice falls.

Watermelon Balling
I was a little disappointed to learn that the grocery store isn't carrying watermelon with seeds.  Oh well. The activity still works well.  The kiddos will practice melon balling using the tool provided.  It's much trickier than it looks.

Cutting a Banana
A fruit unit wouldn't be complete without some sort of cutting activity.  The fruit in the activity will change throughout the week.

For those interested in the free printables, click on the link below:

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  5. I love that you approached botany with a relatable and everyday experience (preparing and eating fruit) and worked in some fun practical life skills!

  6. What a great post filled with so much information. You always have so many great ideas.


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