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How to Wear a Wig

Learning how to wear a wig can come with a steep learning curve, especially if you've never worn a wig before. 

Most people only have experience with wigs that come with Halloween costumes. We all know what an itchy and tangled mess they become quite quickly.

How do you wear and take care of a wig, so it doesn't become an itchy and tangled mess.

Learning how to wear a wig includes what to do with a wig before you wear it, while it's on your head, and after you take it off.

Here are my best tips!

How to Wear a Wig

How to Wear a Wig

Before you put the synthetic wig on your head, it's important to prepare it for wearing. 

A big part of wearing a wig is knowing what to do before you put it on. 

The first step is brushing and combing the wig.

How to Brush a Wig

Synthetic Wig Brushes and Combs

1. Brush DRY hair gently before you put the wig on.

Using regular hair brushes and combs can cause damage to the wig. Be sure you use brushes and combs designed for synthetic wigs.

Do NOT brush a wig when it is wet! It will stretch out the wig and cause issues with the synthetic hair.

Synthetic Wig Stand with Tripod

2. Use a wig stand while brushing synthetic hair.

The wig stand helps the wig keep its shape and protects the it from tearing while brushing and combing out tangles.

If you don't have a wig stand, you can place your hand inside the wig cap, but you will need to be extremely careful when using this method.

Synthetic Wig Detangler

3. Use a wig detangler if necessary.

Depending on the length and style of your wig, you may want to use wig detangler. Sometimes the wig brush and comb aren't enough.

4. Brush the wig from the bottom and work your way to the top.

Starting at the bottom of your wig helps protect wig from damage and loss.  This process also helps the wig not to tear. Remember to be extremely gentle.

For more tips be sure to visit How to Brush a Wig at Wigs Master. This website has a fabulous video that takes you step-by-step through the process of brushing a wig.

Once your wig is brushed and ready to wear, you can move on to the next step of actually putting it on your head.

Do I Wear a Wig Cap with my Wig?

Synthetic Wig Cap

Depending on personal preference and circumstances, you may choose to wear a wig cap under your wig.

The next step in wearing a wig is choosing whether or not to wear a wig cap. If you choose to wear one, the wig cap is put on before the wig.

Reasons Why You May Want to Wear a Wig Cap

1. The wig is too itchy and agitates your skin. You need something in between the wig and your scalp.

2. You are trying to grow your hair back and don't want the wig to rub on your scalp and cause hair loss and breakage.

3. You have a lot of natural hair and are trying to gather it under a wig cap so it doesn't mix with the synthetic hair or fall out from under the wig.

4. You are in the process of growing your hair back and don't want it to show through the wig.

5. You want more friction between the wig and your head to ensure the wig won't blow or slide off while wearing.

6. You want to keep from sweating while wearing a wig. Some wig caps may help with this.

Reasons Why You May Not Want to Wear a Wig Cap

1. You do not plan on growing your hair back and want your natural scalp to show through the cap.

2. You are not worried about the wig causing hair loss or breakage.

3. Wig caps feel too uncomfortable.

4. Your wig feels secure to your head without the cap, with no worry of it coming off.

Ultimately wearing a wig cap is a personal preference. 

I personally do not wear one because my hair won't ever grow back, and it's just one more layer I prefer not to have on my head.

Others may feel the exact opposite way, and that's okay. 

Wearing a wig cap may be specific to the situations you find yourself in. In some situations you may feel you don't need one. In other situations you may feel more comfortable wearing one.

How to Put on a Wig Cap

For those without hair, putting on a wig cap is as simple as putting a sock over your foot.

If you have hair, especially long hair, and are looking for guidance on how to put on a wig cap, be sure to check out the video HERE

Some people prefer to use wig tape or wig glue instead of, or along with a wig cap. This is a personal decision.

I personally don't use any of these products due to my current lifestyle circumstances. If I were to go out dancing I may use them. 

Once you have brushed out your wig and put on a wig cap (if you've decided to wear one), the next step is putting on the actual wig.

How to Put On a Wig

Putting on a wig is a little complicated, especially for a beginner, but over time it does become easier once you feel more confident with each step.

1. Turn the wig upside down so you can see the inside of the wig and the hair is reaching towards the ground. 

2. Make sure the front of the wig is closest to your body, and the back of the wig is farthest away from you.

3. Bring the upside down wig towards your head and flip it over, making sure the front of the wig is on your forehead, focusing on securing the back of the wig first.

4. Once the back of the wig is secure, check to make sure the front of the wig is where your hairline is.


5. Use the tabs on the side of the wig to pull it forward and cover the front of your head and cap if wearing.

If you'd like to watch a video of this process to better understand it, you can find a fabulous tutorial at Simply Wigs.

How to Style a Wig

Synthetic Wig Hairspray

Once you put the wig on, you are able to style it with ease. Use your wig brush and comb to create the hairstyle that you want. 

Many wigs come with a predetermined hairstyle. This makes styling easy. 

Longer wigs come with more options. 

You may want to use synthetic wig hairspray. It all depends on personal preference. 

However you decide to style your wig, DO NOT WEAR A WET WIG! It will ruin the wig.

Be very careful about using barrettes and hair clips while wearing a wig. They can damage the wig. 

Hair ties are not recommended.

How to Take Off a Wig

When you're all done wearing a wig, it's important to take it off appropriately as to not to cause damage to the wig cap and synthetic hair.

Taking a wig off may be as simple as removing the wig from your head properly, using the side tabs by your ears.

If you've chosen to use wig glue or wig tape, follow the removal instructions on the packaging, as instructions vary depending on brand and type.

Once the wig is off, it is placed on a wig stand or folded gently (like it came in the original wig box) until used again.

How Often Do I Wash a Wig?

In between uses, you may choose to wash your wig. 

How often you wash your wig is completely up to you and about personal preference.

Wigs do not have to be washed in between each and every use.

Some people wash their wigs every two weeks.

Others may wash them monthly.

If you only wear your wig on special occasions, you may wait months before washing. 

Washing a wig too often can cause the wig to stretch out and synthetic hair to not last as long.

Not washing a wig enough can also cause damage to the wig hair.

How Do I Wash a Wig?

Synthetic Wig Shampoo and Conditioner

There are so many different wig products out there that can be used to wash and condition wigs. 

If you prefer a dry shampoo, there are many to choose from. 

For those that prefer a shampoo to use with water, there are also multiple choices. 

What you use is completely up to personal preference.

In all cases, follow the directions on the back of the packaging to ensure that you do not damage your wig.

Some synthetic wig shampoos also come with conditioner

I personally love using conditioner on my wig. 

Again, some conditioners are spray in, while others require the use of water. You choose what you like.

Wearing a wig may seem complicated at first, as there are a few extra steps compared to just taking care of your natural hair.

Once you get the hang of it, wearing wigs can be quite enjoyable.

It's all about learning how to wear the wig correctly. The rest is easy and so much fun!

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