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Pi Day Activities for Kids with Free Printables

 Pi Day is one of the kids' favorite holidays because of the delicious desserts that we make. 

I love that I have an excuse to present some incredible math lessons about circles and the kids are willing to learn, because it's Pi Day.

These Pi Day Activities for Kids with Free Printables are designed for children in preschool and early elementary classrooms.

They do a fabulous job at introducing vocabulary related to Pi Day and circles in such fun ways!

Pi Day Activities for Kid with Free Printables

Let's take a closer look at what Sunshine's been learning.

Pi Day Activities for Kids with Free Printables

Circle, Sphere, and Cylinder Sort

Pi Day Circle, Sphere, Cylinder Sort

Sunshine has fallen in love with this activity due to the Montessori three dimensional shapes used. She loves to touch and handle them.

The shapes really bring the activity to life as Sunshine looks at pictures and determines what shape each object is, sorting them as she goes.

Source: I created the printable for this activity as part of my Pi Day Printable Pack.

Pi Day Circles Play Dough Activity

Young children can understand what a circumference, diameter, and radius are when taught at a level they understand with visuals and manipulatives to help.

In this activity Sunshine used red play dough to show the circumference, diameter, and radius of a circle using the controls provided.

The goals of the activity were to introduce vocabulary and to show the parts of a circle. In the end, Sunshine did a fantastic job!

Pi Day Play Dough Circles Activity

I love how manipulating the play dough helped with hand and finger muscles as well as fine motor skills.

Source: I created the printable for this activity as part of my Pi Day Printable Pack.

Pi Decimal versus No Decimal Number Sort

Pi Day Decimal versus No Decimal Sort

Pi Day is the perfect time to introduce the concept of decimals, especially when you use Pi in the form of a decimal.

Sunshine understands what a period is when writing sentences. I explained that when using numbers, the same dot is called a decimal. It took her a minute to remember the word, but once she did, she said it correctly every time.

The big draw to this activity was the use of a magnifying glass. Sunshine absolutely loves using a magnifying glass in activities. This work was no different.

Sunshine picked this work every day and was so proud to show me that she could do it all by herself without the magnifying glass.

Source: I created the printable for this activity as part of my Pi Day Printable Pack.

Pi versus Pie Sort

Pi versus Pie Sorting Activity

Sunshine is very interested in learning to spell right now so this activity seemed perfect for her. Sure enough she enjoyed it, especially as she was able to use Montessori Movable Alphabet letters in the process.

It was a great way to focus on two ways to make the long "i" sound with simple words. With only using five letters in total, spelling wasn't as overwhelming.

In this activity, Sunshine sorted pies and Pi symbols under the corresponding words. This process really helped Sunshine learn the Pi symbol. She's been able to pick it out everywhere she sees it since completing this work, calling it by name.

Source: I created the printable for this activity as part of my Pi Day Printable Pack.

FREE Pi Day Vocabulary Printable Pack

FREE Pi Day Vocabulary Printable Pack

To help Sunshine with vocabulary terms, I created the FREE Pi Day Vocabulary Printable Pack. It includes nomenclature cards of each of the terms she learned, as sell as writing strips. 

This resource provides opportunities to speak, write, and read all terms, in hopes that she'll remember them.

Source: I created this printable pack. It is a subscriber's only freebie. To obtain your copy, follow the directions at the bottom of the post.

Happy Pi Day to You! (Cat in the Hat)

Happy Pi Day to You! (Cat in the Hat)

When I finished introducing the Pi Day Activities I read Sunshine this book. She is a HUGE fan of Cat in the Hat, and with it just having been Dr. Seuss Day, it was perfect.

Sunshine was so excited to recognize and understand all that the book talks about regarding circles and Pi because of her activities.

I can't wait to go further into understanding Pi with her next year.

Pi Day at Home

Pi Day wouldn't be complete without a celebration with pies. Sunshine chose to make a diet friendly apple pie. She made the dough with Daddy. I cut and peeled apples. She then mixed them up with cinnamon and more. Sunshine then put the pie together including the crust!

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Pi Day Activities for Kids with Free Printables

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