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FREE Dolphin and Whale Counting Play Dough Mats

Dolphins and whales are such fabulous ocean mammals. It is so much fun to count them as you spot them in the ocean, at an aquarium, or at a theme park. 

Unfortunately not all of us are lucky enough to have those opportunities.

This is why I have created the FREE Dolphin and Whale Counting Play Dough Mats for toddlers and preschoolers to enjoy at home, in the classroom, or on the go!

The dolphin and whale counting play dough mats are perfect for little ones who are learning to count from one to ten and identify numbers and quantities.

All images are true-to-life so children can see these beautiful creatures as they are in the real world.

FREE Dolphin and Whale Counting Play Dough Mats

 Let's discuss all of the options when using these wonderful dolphin and whale counting play dough mats and how we've chosen to use ours.

FREE Dolphin and Whale Counting Play Dough Mats

Play dough mats are not a new concept. What I love about them is that they can be used in so many ways to meet the individual needs of each child.

The number does not need to be filled with play dough.  Feel free to fill in the space any way you'd like with paint, paper and glue, etc.

Stamps, buttons, stickers, etc. can be used as counters. Or, if you'd like you can use play dough and have your child roll the play dough into balls. 

The sky is the limit when using this printable.

Dolphin and Whale Counting Play Dough Mats Presentation

When creating our counting mat activity, I chose to make gray play dough mixed with blue and teal glitter to match the color of the dolphins and whales and go well with the color of water in each image. It looks a little more blue in the images here, but I assure you I only added a little black food coloring.

Because my kids LOVE animal figures, I decided to include dolphin and whale animal figures on our tray that can be used with (or without) the play dough.

It can get a little tricky fitting all of the whales and dolphins on the numbers, but it's doable. If you feel your child would become frustrated with this step, definitely don't included it.

For counting purposes, I chose to use blue glass beads. These are a staple in our classroom. I LOVE how they look, feel, and work so well.

Whenever we use play dough, I always tend to use a cookie sheet for a tray, to ensure things don't get too messy. The kids know the play dough remains on the tray.

Dolphin and Whale Counting Play Dough Mat Activity Completed

The final product looks amazing! 

When it comes to sensory needs, I love that this activity provides so much tactile and visual stimulation. 

If I were to add one item to this tray, it would probably be a magnifying glass, just so kids can look at the image more closely to count whales accurately. 

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FREE Dolphin and Whale Counting Activities

FREE Dolphin and Whale Counting Activities

For those who feel their kids are ready for the next step when learning numbers and counting, consider using the new FREE Dolphin and Whale Counting Activities.

This printable pack includes nomenclature and clip card style counting activities with numbers and number words to meet the needs of every student.

What's super cool about this printable pack is that it includes the same true-to-life images as the play dough mats.

Whether you have two students with different skill sets or you want to progress through the counting materials, you have everything you need to do so.

Dolphins and Whales Printable Pack

Montessori-inspired Dolphins and Whales Printable Pack

The FREE Dolphin and Whale Counting Play Dough Mats and Counting Activities are designed to be used with our Dolphins and Whales Printable Pack. Combined you have everything you could possibly need for a fantastic dolphins and whales unit study!

Be sure to grab your copy of this amazing resource today!

Don't forget to download the Dolphin and Whale Counting Play Dough Mats by following the directions below!

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FREE Dolphin and Whale Counting Play Dough Mats

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