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The Best Harry Potter Themed Gifts

The week leading up to Halloween is Harry Potter Week in our home. 

Our kids aren't fans of scary and gory things, but they definitely enjoy the idea of witches and wizards.  Needless to say, a Harry Potter themed holiday works quite well.

It seems this week is also the official start to the holiday shopping season, with sales popping up everywhere. 

I can't believe how soon Christmas is!

Since we are quite occupied with all things Harry Potter AND I'm now starting to think about the holiday season myself, I thought I would share our family list of the best Harry Potter themed gifts.

The Best Harry Potter Themed Gifts

The Best Harry Potter Themed Gifts

All of these gifts have been received by someone in our home or are going to be received this year. Be forewarned, we are HUGE Harry Potter fans.  Lol.

The Best Harry Potter Themed Stuffed Animals

Sunshine and Princess have a special love for stuffed animals. They love playing with them and can't collect enough. We definitely have a few Harry Potter themed stuffed animals around the house.  Here are our absolute favorites!

The Best Harry Potter Themed Stuffed Animals

Harry Potter Pygmy Puff Plush Pink

Princess adores her pink pygmy puff.  She's even given it a name.  Where ever we go, it tends to come along. I admit, it's absolutely adorable, and so soft. Who wouldn't want one?!

Harry Potter Pygmy Puff Plush Purple

Having one pygmy puff just isn't enough. They have to come in pairs of two, or at least that was the case when Princess received hers. The purple pygmy puff is my favorite.  That has all to do with the fact that purple is my favorite color.

Douglas Wizard Snowy Owl Plush

Sunshine received this owl as a gift for Halloween last year. My oh my is it soft and cuddly, not to mention absolutely adorable. When Sunshine was home, she carried it around for days, because she couldn't bear to part with it.  

Harry Potter Crookshanks Collector Plush

Princess purchased Crookshanks with her own spending money after a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios, FL. She just couldn't resist this cat, who looks so authentic!

Harry Potter Fawkes Collector Plush

My husband and I are debating on what stuffed animal to give Princess this year for Christmas. This is the one we have agreed upon.  It's the perfect addition to her collection, and so very special.

Sunshine also has Hallmark Harry, Ron, and Hermione Plush Itty Bitties that we all love and adore. Unfortunately they are no longer available on Amazon, so I did not include them in this list.

The Best Harry Potter Themed Board Games

We thoroughly enjoy a good board game or card game, especially when everyone in the family can play. Add the Harry Potter theme to a board game night and it's sure to be a success. Here are our absolute favorite Harry Potter board games!

The Best Harry Potter Themed Board Games

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle Cooperative Deck Building Card Game

This game is by far Bulldozer's favorite game. He looks forward to playing it every chance he can. I love the card game because it is such a great way to work on communication skills, working as a group, and so much more!

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle-The Monster Book of Monsters Expansion Deckbuilding Game

We were so excited when an expansion of Hogwarts Battle came out. This expansion is a great way to add lots of new excitement to the original game. Princess loved the addition of Ginny to the character choices.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle-The Charms and Potions Expansion Deckbuilding Game

The charms and potions expansion of Hogwarts Battle has only made the original Harry Potter game the best it's ever been. My kids LOVE combining all three card sets for the ultimate game experience. What's even better is that this expansion set allows for five players! 

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle-Defense Against the Dark Arts

There came a point where Bulldozer couldn't get enough of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle, but enlisting siblings and parents to play, became a little difficult.  This card game was a perfect solution, as it is for two players. If siblings don't want to play, Dad always will.

HedBanz Harry Potter Party Game for Kids

This is such a fun game for those who know all of the characters in the Harry Potter series. We laugh so much as we play this game. It's such a great challenge to see how well you know each character.

The Best Harry Potter Themed Books (Beyond the Original Series)

There are so many fabulous books for those who love the Harry Potter series, no matter what age you are. We have enjoyed all of these books so much and hope you do too!

The Best Harry Potter Themed Books

D is for Dragon: An ABC Book of Magical Creatures by Brittany Long Olsen

This is the most adorable book for those learning the letters of the alphabet. Each letter is represented by a magical creature in the Harry Potter series.  The illustrations are beautiful and so magical. Sunshine absolutely loves this book. She is fascinated with the creatures. I love that it is not scary at all.

The Hogwarts Classics Box Set by J. K. Rowling

Dinomite received these books as a gift and absolutely LOVED it. If you love quidditch, you'll thoroughly enjoy Quidditch Through the Ages. The Tales of Beedle the Bard is basically the fairy tales of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I love that this set brings to life so many aspects of the original book series.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook by Dinah Bucholz

Princess received this cookbook as a gift, but it's been enjoyed by all. Even if you decide not to try out any of the recipes, this book is so entertaining to read.  There are many fun facts and stories related to the books that you won't want to miss.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Spellbook by Michael Gonzalez

I'm not sure who loves this book more, Princess or Bulldozer.  It was definitely a hit when received and is used often. One can always brush up on their spells. Bulldozer loves that this book includes all of the spells.

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott

After Bulldozer read the Harry Potter series he was begging for more.  The Nicholas Flamel series was recommended, and so we purchased the first three books. Bulldozer LOVED them and went on to save his money for the last three books in the series.  He is now reading them for a third time with his dad.

Harry Potter Coloring Book

Dinomite absolutely LOVES to color.  This coloring book was one of his absolute favorites. It provides the perfect transition from a children's coloring book to one more adult like.  There are several others in the series as well.

Other Harry Potter Themed Gifts We Love

Harry Potter Gringotts Bank

Dinomite received this coin bank about a year ago. My oh my what an amazing bank it is! The detail is incredible.  Who wouldn't love to have their own Gringotts Bank at home?!

Harry Potter Movie Collage 1000 Piece Puzzle

Princess, LOVES puzzles. She will work on them constantly, if they're available. This Harry Potter themed puzzle was perfect for her as a Christmas gift last year.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Dress for Girls

Before all of the kids had official robes from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios, this dress was the girls' most prized possession. They would wear it every day at home if I let them. Lol. It is soft and so comfortable. 

Harry Potter Bookmarks: The Noble Collection

It's no secret that we have avid readers in this house. These bookmarks were the perfect gift for Dinomite a few years back. He still has them. They looks as good as new, with no issues whatsoever. I must say they're absolutely gorgeous and so well made.

Harry Potter Bookmarks: The Horcrux Collection

I can't decide if Dinomite or Princess will receive the Horcrux set of bookmarks this year, but someone will. I'm absolutely in love with them. They go perfectly with the set Dinomite already has, but are also a perfect gift all on their own.

Slytherin Pajama Pants

Dinomite absolutely LOVES these pajama pants. He has had them for over six months now and they're still looking fabulous. It's completely normal to see him wearing these pants regularly around the house.

Other Places We Find Harry Potter Gifts

Believe it or not, I've not begun to share all of the Harry Potter themed items we have at home. I've limited this list to items available on Amazon, and those applicable to everyone, not just my children.

If you are searching for other ideas, I suggest the following sites.


I don't want to begin to list out or describe how many Harry Potter LEGO sets we have at home.  Needless to say if you want to combine LEGO and Harry Potter, this is the best place to do it with new sets coming out regularly! 


Last year I bought the most beautiful Harry Potter themed facemasks for the kids on Etsy. I also bought matching scrunchies for the girls. 

For Halloween last year I ordered the most beautiful Ravenclaw purse and wallet for Princess. I was able to find beautiful radish earrings for her as well.

Sunshine received the most beautiful Harry Potter themed ring also.

Pottery Barn Teen

Pottery Barn Teen has so many fabulous Harry Potter gifts to choose from. We have many of the items shared here in our home and continue to add them each year. Did I mention that for Halloween we deck the entire house out in Harry Potter themed decor?

Williams Sonoma

If you have kids that love to work in the kitchen AND are huge Harry Potter fans, Williams Sonoma has some fabulous gifts waiting for them. We absolutely LOVE our Harry Potter themed aprons from here, along with the cookie cutters and more!

Universal Studios Shop

All of our kids have robes and wands from our trips to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios, Florida. The boys also have pins. Dinomite has an ornament. There are so many things to choose from here if you're ready to take the step into "official" items.

We hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for the Harry Potter lover in your life!

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