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A Minimalist Montessori Home Tour: Full Bathroom

Our Minimalist Montessori Home Tour takes us to the one and only full bathroom in our house.  

This is about a sixth of the size of our previous full bathroom in New York.  It definitely took some getting used to but now that we have, I can't imagine ever wanting to clean a bigger bathroom.

I love that the kids store all of their toiletry items in their rooms as it ensures much less clutter in the bathroom.

A Minimalist Montessori Home Tour: Full Bathroom

A Minimalist Montessori Home Tour: Full Bathroom

Our full bathroom isn't anything special by any means, but I love how it looks.  When Bulldozer was younger he had a deep passion for whales.  To this day he really loves them.  When I saw this shower curtain, I couldn't resist in honor of his passion. 

A Minimalist Montessori Full Bathroom

Above the toilet on the towel rack, are towels to be used as a mat when people are bathing. The space is too small for throw rugs.  

The basket on top of the toilet stores wash clothes for the kids to use when they clean the bathroom each day.  (It's one of their chores.)

A Minimalist Montessori Bathroom for Kids

Since there was really no room for a traditional toilet paper holder, we found this fantastic solution.  I love that it holds four rolls!

On the sink is one single bar of soap.  We tried liquid soaps but Sunshine had way too much fun making a mess with them, so a bar of soap it is!  

At one point we had a beautiful soap dish holder, but that didn't appear to work either, so I've embraced that simple is better.

We also had a throw rug in front of the sink, but it kept reeking like the smell of pee, so again, simplest is best!

A Minimalist Montessori Full Bathroom: Sink Set Up

Under the sink we store our Better Life kid-friendly cleaning supplies and extra soap, shampoo, and conditioner.  

The mirror was the final touch to this room.  It's my prized bathroom piece as it took two years to find.  

Bathrooms are the only rooms in the house where people spend time alone.  I love that this bathroom, though tiny, feels comfortable and classy!

A Minimalist Montessori Home Tour: Full Bathroom

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