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9 Ways to Practice Multiplication Facts with Montessori Math Bead Bars

One of our co-op friends has really struggled to learn multiplication facts over the years while attending public school.  This has led to extreme anxiety and a lack of progress in math.

After six months of learning with us, our friend is finally ready and willing to work on multiplication the Montessori way to learn them once and for all.  Montessori multiplication is awesome!

Knowing Montessori is still new to our friend, I wanted to create as many resources as possible to provide all of the support he may need to succeed in his endeavor.  

Let me present to you 9 Ways to Practice Multiplication Facts with Montessori Math Bead Bars.

9 Ways to Practice Multiplication Facts Using Montessori Math Bead Bars

Montessori Skip Counting and Multiplication Bundle

All of the printables in this post are from our Montessori Skip Counting and Multiplication Bundle.

The printables provide extra controls for those who may need them and work fabulously well for those who are just beginning their multiplication fact journey.  When used in its entirety you have everything you need to help every child learn their multiplication facts.

Montessori Multiplication and Skip Counting Bundle

When teaching multiplication the Montessori way math bead bars are almost always used.  For our activities presented here they are always used.  

I highly recommend the deconomial box with beads in order to receive the maximum benefit from these printables for lessons and extensions.

If you are unable to afford or obtain access to Montessori Math Bead Bars, the Montessori Skip Counting and Multiplication Bundle provides you with a much less expensive alternative.  

You won't be able to experience the hands on aspect of the work, but you will have Montessori bead cards.

9 Ways to Practice Multiplication Facts the Montessori Way

Now let's view all of the ways these fabulous printables can be used!

9 Ways to Practice Multiplication Facts with Montessori Math Bead Bars

1. Match up word cards with answer cards

The example reads, "two taken twelve times."  Note the matching beads beside the card.  Beads on and beside the top card read horizontally.  The bottom card is the answer.  Notice gold beads are used to create the number.  The answer reads vertically.

2. Match up multiplication problem cards with word cards.

Is your child trying to understand what a multiplication problem is? This is the perfect match up activity to progress from "six taken seven times" to 6x7.  Notice the purple beads below the cards.  If you would prefer the activity in nomenclature form, cards without lines are provided in all sets.

3. Match up answer cards.

How many ways can a number be created using the math bead bars?  When skip counting or introducing multiplication, numbers are created one way.  When creating an answer, numbers are created another way.

4. Match multiplication problem cards with horizontal bead answer cards.

Perhaps your child isn't quite ready to create numbers using the gold bead bars or they're not available?  Or maybe your child needs an extra level of control.  This is the perfect way to reinforce multiplication lessons taught to your child.

5. Use horizontal bead answer cards as skip counting cards.

Organize your cards in order from smallest to largest, placing the correct number of corresponding beads below.

6. Use multiplication problem cards and horizontal bead answer cards as nomenclature cards.

As mentioned previously, nomenclature style cards with and without lines are included in this bundle for every type of card.  I only printed out the lined cards, based on how we would use them in our classroom.  Choose the ones you prefer and viola!

7. Mix and match bead cards and word strips.

If your child is capable and confident with the other work ideas presented here you can always combine one or more activities.

8. Use multiplication fact clip cards with horizontal bead answer cards as a control.

Once your child has learned to read multiplication problems and can skip count, the multiplication fact clip cards are the perfect resource for practice, especially when a child can check their own answers with the answer cards.

9. Match up multiplication cards with vertical answer cards.

If your child is comfortable with multiplication problems, skip counting, and creating whole numbers using the math bead bars, this is a perfect activity to solidify multiplication skills.

As you can tell there are several ways to practice multiplication facts.  It's always so nice to have a variety of activities to ensure mastery on every level.  The multiplication cards from the Montessori Skip Counting and Multiplication Bundle are such a huge help!

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9 Ways to Practice Multiplication Facts with Montessori Math Bead Bars

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