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Christmas Vocabulary in Spanish-FREE Montessori Nomenclature Cards

Princess absolutely loves learning how to speak and read foreign languages.  She begs for opportunities to better her skills.  Her passion for language has definitely pushed my husband and I to dust off our own foreign language skills to help her progress.

This Christmas season we're introducing two holidays celebrated in Spanish speaking countries during learning time.

1. Las Posadas
2. Three Kings Day.  

It only seemed appropriate to introduce some Christmas vocabulary in Spanish using Montessori nomenclature cards.

And because I love giving things away, this printable is FREE!

Christmas Vocabulary in Spanish-FREE Montessori Nomenclature Cards

Christmas Vocabulary in Spanish

The Christmas Vocabulary in Spanish Freebie includes twenty-four nomenclature cards.  Each card highlights a specific aspect of the Christmas season.  

All images are true to life.

Each card includes both the Spanish and English translations.

This freebie is designed for Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms.

No associations with Santa Claus and his reindeer are included in this printable.

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