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Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Dental Freebie

The more we can educate children about the importance of dental hygiene at home and at school, the better their chances are of having healthy smiles when they are older.

So many children struggle with caring for their teeth properly.  Some children aren't taught properly or decide not to listen when they are. Others have sensory aversions to the cleaning process.  Dentist appointments can be a nightmare.

No child fully understands the consequences of not caring for their teeth.  Parents can often become frustrated and quite desperate for helpful resources to use at home.

Teachers also share concern when it comes to dental hygiene.  Children may show up at school with bad breath and food items stuck in their teeth.  

Caregivers may or may not be able to teach and provide for children in the home.  And those who are able to teach and provide may not be listened to.

The main purpose of the Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Dental Printable Pack is to help people with dental hygiene.  It is the perfect resource for the home and classroom!

Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Dental Printable Pack

Montessori-inspired Dental Hygiene

How to Care for Teeth

We have four new students in our co-op this year.  They love to sleep in and most often arrive just after waking up in the morning.  

We serve breakfast as part of our daily schedule and then provide everything they need to care for their teeth: toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash.  It's part of our daily routine at school.  If everyone is doing it, no one will feel uncomfortable during the process.

Sometimes the kids get lazy and decide to skip important steps in the teeth cleaning process.  Some of my kiddos do the same thing as well.

Sunshine tends to only brush her front teeth.  Bulldozer forgets to brush all together as he often is distracted by other more pleasurable tasks.  Princess forgets mouthwash if she's in a hurry.

Every child I know could use some visual reminders to help through the process.  The Montessori-inspired Self-Care Dental Printable Pack provides them and so much more!

Going to the Dentist

I don't know of a single child who loves going to the dentist.  Appointments can often be scary and cause extreme anxiety.  This doesn't have to be the case though.

What if you had the proper materials to educate children about what a dentist appointment is like?

The Montessori-inspired Self-Care Dental Printable Pack does just that! Whether you're looking for sequence cards, a social story, or dental tool nomenclature cards, this pack has it all!

You may wonder how we could give you all of this?  The father of the students I teach is a dentist!  He helped me put this all together.  We then confirmed it all with a second dentist we know in town.  I assure you this printable pack is top notch.

Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Dental Printable Pack

So here are the details!

The Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Dental Printable Pack is 72 pages in length.  

It is designed for children in Montessori preschool and elementary classrooms.

This printable pack includes so many activities!  

Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Dental Printable Pack Table of Contents

  • Dental Themed Nomenclature Cards
  • Dental Themed Picture and Description Cards
  • Dental Themed Word Strips
  • How to Brush Teeth Picture Sequence Cards
  • How to Brush Teeth Poster
  • Teeth Care Chart
  • How to Brush Teeth Nomenclature Cards with Book Creation Option
  • Parts of Tooth Activity
  • Types of Teeth Activity
  • Foods that are Best/Worst for Teeth Sorting Activity with Description Cards
  • Dentist Visit Picture Sequence Cards
  • Dentist Visit Social Story
  • Dental Visit Draw a Picture Social Story

Isn't it amazing?

And that's not all!

Be sure to download our Self-Care: Dental Bonus Freebie by following the directions below.  It's the perfect visual resource to teach children how to use mouthwash.

Montessori-inspired Self-Care: Dental Bonus Subscriber Freebie-How to Use Mouthwash

This printable is not included in the dental pack or self-care bundle, but is a preview of the quality of our work and just how detailed it is.

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