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Children's Books About Antarctica

 As we prepare our Antarctica activities for the classroom each winter, we continue to notice that there is no list of recommended children's books about the continent. 

(This is not to be confused with books about penguins, which are plentiful in libraries and on the Internet.) 

We'd like to remedy that problem today and introduce our favorite Children's Books about Antarctica! 

Check out the list of ten fabulous books below!

Children's Books About Antarctica

10 Children's Books About Antarctica

A Trip to the Bottom of the World is a good introduction for beginning readers to the continent of Antarctica. The artwork is done in a comic-book style by Frank Viva. 

The story follows Mouse and his human companion on a cruise to Antarctica. Mouse complains for almost the whole trip, but the reader gets to enjoy the beautiful scenery while giggling at the characters' dialogue.  

Antarctic Journal by Meredith Hooper and Lucas deLeiris is a great example of detailed, in-depth nonfiction writing combined with lifelike artwork that sets the scene perfectly.

Hooper is on assignment for National Geographic.  This book is a child-friendly account of her experiences in Antarctica.

The author brings a scientists' eye for detail and an animal lover's heart to the text. This is the best kind of nonfiction writing.

Antarctica by Helen Cowcher is another good title for beginning readers who love wildlife. The text is simple, but the focus is on the beautiful artwork. Antarctica looks alive with color and energy on every page of the book.

Antarctica by Mel Friedman provides a brief overview of all aspects of the continent for more capable readers.  Scholastic produces the True Book series, so the emphasis is on vocabulary building and covering several subject areas, including history, geography and biology.

Antarctica by Wendy Vierow is another good book for more confident readers, but this one is aimed at the student who enjoys geography. Detailed maps and charts are the main focus. The author provides simple explanations for how to read maps.

The photographs inside are also very helpful, and fit this book better than paintings would. This book is part of a seven book series on the continents.

Here is Antarctica By Madeleine Dunphy with art by Tom Leonard is more poetic than any of the previous books we have reviewed so far.

The text is in the style of the song about the old woman who swallowed a fly. It builds one line per page, accompanied by the beautiful artwork of animal life and majestic scenery.

This book is fun to read aloud with a young child.

Introducing Antarctica by Anita Ganeri does exactly what the title suggests: provides young readers with a brief overview of the icy continent.

Another unique feature here is the focus on the scientists and the research that takes place on the continent. This is a good choice for any aspiring young explorers out there.

One Day On Our Blue Planet in Antarctica by Ella Bailey wins the prize for cutest book about Antarctica. Readers join a young Adelie penguin as she journeys from the nest to the open ocean, and back home again, exploring the terrain and wildlife as she goes.

The illustrations are less life-like than most of the books we've seen, but more animals are named and represented here, too. Great choice for young readers who love animals.

Sophie Scott Goes South is a favorite among the kiddos this week.  This book is unique because it is a first-person account of a voyage to Antarctica on an Icebreaker ship, written by a nine-year old girl.

She joins her ship captain father and his crew on a 30 day round trip voyage, filling readers in on every detail of the trip.

 Another great feature is the artwork, all of which was created by Sophie's classmates, who were asked to create art inspired by this adventurous young lady's experience.

When the Sun Shines on Antarctica by Irene Latham is a great addition to our list because it is the only poetry book about Antarctica that I am aware of. Even if there were others, it would be hard to top this one.  The simple, fun-spirited poems are matched perfectly with illustrations by Anna Wadham.

It's nice to break up all the hard science reading sometimes with some poetry. This book would be a great addition to your bookshelf for any study of the amazing, inspiring continent of Antarctica.

Whether you're borrowing books from your local library system or purchasing these books for enjoyment for years to come, we hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

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Children's  Books About Antarctica

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