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Fall Harvest Practical Life Activities

Practical life is one of the most important aspects of a Montessori preschool classroom. 

Practical life activities help develop fine motor skills and promote self care. 

No matter what time of year it is, practical life work is on our preschool shelves. 

In autumn, I love to incorporate a fall harvest theme into our activities. 

Here are four fall harvest practical life activities that have been on our shelves over the years that Sunshine absolutely LOVED.

Fall Harvest Practical Life Activities for Preschoolers

Fall Harvest Practical Life Activities

Leaf Arranging

Leaf Arranging Activity for Kids

This activity was a HUGE hit and one that Sunshine would do every day.

Sunshine would pick up each leaf on a "stick" and place it in a hole on the lid of the cheese shaker. She would do this until every single hole was filled. 

I purchased the leaves from my local dollar store.

Acorn Tong Transfer

Acorn Tong Transfer

Sunshine enjoyed this activity. It was such a fantastic way to help prepare her hands for scissors. At the time this activity was presented, Sunshine really wanted to learn how to cut things.

She would pick up an acorn with the tongs and transfer it from one bowl to the other until all the acorns were in the other bowl.

Leaf Button Tweezing

Leaf Button Tweezing

This activity was definitely a challenge, but in the very best way. Sunshine would practice transferring leaves from one bowl to the other. 

(My photo was taken after she finished the activity. Transfer activities are encouraged to go left to right.)

Sunshine really enjoyed these cute tweezers and button leaves and did such a fabulous job. I loved watching how proud of herself she was after she transferred each button to the other bowl.

Clipping Leaves Together

Clipping Leaves Together

Sunshine was very big into matching things when I created this activity. She would select a plastic clip, found at our local dollar store and then find two leaves that matched the color of the clip.

Once she found her matches, she would clip them together. Sunshine would continue this same process until all of the leaves and all of the clips were used.

This activity was so excellent for helping Sunshine build muscle strength in her fingers and hands.

There are so many fabulous ways to incorporate autumn into practical life activities no matter what your child's interests are.

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Fall Harvest Practical Life Activities for Kids

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