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Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Princess' birthday is this month and as always we've put together a wish list for extended family.  I won't lie. It was a bit challenging this time, as over the years it's become clear that Princess can't handle a lot of stuff.  Her destructive tendencies and unsafe choices make gift giving difficult.  Add her emotional age of three to the scenario...

I could think of no better title for this wish list than Gift Ideas for Little Girls.  In so many ways, even though Princess is turning eight, she's really only three.   There are some areas where she's developmentally and cognitively age appropriate, such as reading skills and some interests, but when it comes to toys, she's not even close.
Gift Ideas for Little Girls
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After the last round of destruction in her bedroom, my husband Jason and I decided that only soft items and a few books are safe to keep there.  Thankfully she can be supervised in other areas of the house when cooking, baking, coloring, stamping, and watching movies.  Here is her newest list!

Baby Doll and Accessory Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Princess received her first Baby Stella at Christmas and absolutely loves her.  She's quite envious of all of her sister's accessories and has asked for some of her own.

Baby Stella Dress Up Ladybug Costume*

Baby Stella Snuggle Sleep Sack*

Baby Stella Fanciful Frills Holiday Dress Purchased

Baby Stella My Treat Outfit*

Baby Stella Grocery and Soft Food Set*

Baby Stella Sweet Dreams Doll*

Princess has since destroyed her doll and no longer needs any accessories.

Hand Puppet Gift Ideas for Little Girls

Princess has also been envious of Sunshine's hand puppets and has been asking for some of her own. The two play with them on a regular basis.

HABA Prince Glove Puppet

HABA Grandma Glove Puppet Purchased

HABA Hansel Glove Puppet

HABA Gretel Glove Puppet

HABA Magician Glove Puppet

HABA Dragon Glove Puppet

Horse themed gift ideas for girls.

Over the past year Princess has become interested in horses wanting to learn all about them. We are hoping this will lead to good things and possibly some riding lessons in the future which could be wonderful therapy for her.

The Kingfisher Horse and Pony Encyclopedia Purchased

Movie: Flicka Purchased

Book:  Black Beauty Purchased

Melissa & Doug Wooden Horse Stable Stamps Purchased

Melissa & Doug Horses Jigsaw Puzzle Purchased

Wonderful World of Horses Coloring Book Purchased

American Girl themed gift ideas for girls.

American Girl continues to be a name that Princess enjoys.  She's not one for the dolls, but she loves the books, movies and cookbooks.

DVD: American Girl 4 Favorite Movies

American Girl Lea 3 Book Set

Book: American Girl Paige Paints the Sky Purchased

American Girl Breakfast & Brunch Cookbook

American Girl Parties Cookbook

Book:  American  Girl The Care and Keeping of You 1

Summer clothes gift ideas for girls 2017

Princess is in desperate need of clothes.  I was able to purchase some before we moved, but most are for NY weather, not Virginia weather.  The kiddos play outside so often and get so dirty that we're not longer able to wear an outfit for more than one day.  Princess needs more summer pjs as well.

When I purchase clothes for my kiddos, I always purchase them in outfits. If I can't find tops and bottoms that match, I don't buy them because they'll never be worn.  This is why you'll notice tops and bottoms paired up below.  If you're unable to purchase a complete set, know that Princess will not have anything else that goes with the single piece.

We are very big on modesty in our home.  Our girls wear longer shorts and shortsleeve shirts. No tank tops, cap sleeves or short shorts are permitted.

Books Make Me Happy Graphic Tee Size 10 with Navy Playground Shorts Size 10 Purchased

Smart Girl Graphic Tee Size 10 with Pink Playground Shorts Size 10 Purchased

Explore the Galaxy Graphic Tee Size 10 with Pink Playground Shorts Size 10 Purchased

Flamingo Ballerina Graphic Knit Tee Size Size M with Medium Wash Denim Bermuda Shorts Size 7

Girls Sky Blue Gem Shortie 2 Piece Gymmies Size 12

Girls Pillow Pink Giraffe Shortie 2 Piece Gymmies Size 12

Carter's 4 pc Flamingo Set Size 12

Dancing Print Sleep Gown Size 12

Sock and shoe gift ideas for girls summer 2017
Princess is also in desperate need of socks and shoes.  She had almost grown out of her shoes a couple months ago.  Then she had a growth spurt.  Princess wears Nike shoes because they are the narrowest shoes we can find to fit her feet.  In New York we barely ever wore sneakers during the summer, but here we're wearing them on a daily basis, which means more than one pair is necessary.

As Sunshine has grown she's taken over all of Princess' socks.  This leaves Princess with barely any.  Thankfully she LOVES socks.  So receiving socks as a gift is something that she looks forward to.

Blue Mermaid Knee Socks Size M Purchased

Flamingo Crew Socks Size M

6-Pack Crew Socks Size 8-16

Blue Sky Paisley Socks Size M

Bright Coral Zebra Socks Size M

Coral Palm Tree Socks Size M Purchased

White Chevron Socks Size M Purchased

Stripe Ankle Socks Size M

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops Color Pink Size 1Y

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Tops Color Pink Size 1Y Purchased

7-Pack Week Day Ankle Socks Size 8-16 Purchased

Nike Kawa Sandals in Pink Size 1Y

We are getting excited to celebrate Princess' birthday in our new home and hope the PTSD that comes back to haunt her each year will diminish.

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  1. I thought of this post tonight as I was shopping for my daughter's 14th birthday. On a good day, she has the maturity of an 11 yr old. On an average day she is more like a 7 yr old and several times a day she acts like a two year old. So what better gift than a little box of dominoes with pictures to match the characters from Frozen. Recommended for kids 4-8 years old. Just right. I will be looking for more gifts for her from categories for younger kids. Thank you for your suggestions and help.