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Shoe Tying Tips & Resources (Learn & Play Link Up)

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Confession:  None of my kiddos know how to tie their shoes.  It's a skill that only one has shown interest in up to this point, and she's the third in line age-wise.  The task of teaching my kiddos how to tie their shoes is completely daunting to me.  All of them have fine motor skill delays, which make the task a bit more difficult than it usually is.

I know that I can't procrastinate teaching the skill much longer, despite my oldest running the other way when I mention it.  It's something everyone needs to learn.  So, I did some research on Pinterest and couldn't wait to share what I found.  I had no idea there were so many different ways to learn how to tie your shoes!  Chances are one will work for each one of my kiddos and yours.

Before I even begin to teach how to actually tie shoes, I need to teach the kiddos how to tie knots in general.  These first two posts share great ideas for practicing.
All Tied Up from Maya Made

Gold Ribbon Decoration: for fine motor knotting skills from Danya Banya

Once the kiddos are ready, we'll attempt to teach the entire tying process. There are so many helpful hints in these posts.  I love that many of them also have videos included, for people like me to who need to see things being done.
The Shoelace Trick That Changed Everything from STEAM Powered Family

5 Fun Motor Activities for Shoe Tying from Growing Hands On Kids

Shoe Tying Tips & Tools from Sugar Aunts

The OT Way:  How to Tie a Shoe.  Step by Step Tutorial from the Jenny Evolution

Best Tips for Tying Shoe Laces from Your Kids OT Blog

Teach Kids How to Tie Shoes from Playdough to Plato

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  1. Ugh! I hated teaching my boys to tie their shoes. My youngest had pretty small feet so he never learned until he was 8 because he had never had shoes with laces. We found a fun book that practiced shoe tying but none of my boys were all that interested in it.... to be honest they still hardly ever tie their shoes; just slip them on and slip them off without ever untying the laces. It's an important skill but a fairy tricky one.